That boy with arrogant smirk

Lia preferes no boy drama. she decides not to get involved with anybody since her past relationships had been so chaotic. when she moves to London and gets to start from glean table everything seems going nice until she meets trouble named Harry.


1. Arrogant ass


(in this story Liam,Niall,Harry,Zayn and Louis are not famous and they are all seventeen years old.)





 Ophelia's pow'n

I carried the last box to our new home. my parents dropped the bomb  that they were getting divorce. it really  didn't surprise me they had been fighting for so long time that i felt some kind of relief as mum said those words. Dad is total ass. and i was more than glad to move to with my mother. i don't think they even asked me where i wanted to live. but like i cared. i love mum. "isn't this place beautiful!" mum smiled as she unpacked the boxes. "yeah it is." i smiled to her. she was always a ray of sunshine no matter how bad the situation was. "come here dear." she smiled and hugged me. "i feel good already. i think we will finally be happy." she said. "yeah. we deserve it mum." i said hugging  her. she kissed the top of my head. "i will go unpack. yell if you need help." i said to her and she gave me a smile. it took few hours to unpack and our new house started to look like home already. we smiled and drank tea as we were finally finished. the day went fast and soon i found my self wearing a uniform of my new school. "awn you look so cute." mum smiled as i walked downstairs and i had a bit grumpy face since i wasn't so used to wear uniforms. "its horrible." i said. mum laugh. "hey! it is not. i bet you will make a much of friends. you are beautiful and kind." she said giving me a lunch box. "thanks mum. i love you."  i said. "i love you too Ophy." she said. 

"have a lovely day Honey!" mum said as i stepped out of the car. "you too!" i smiled and waved to her and watched her drive away. "you can do this." i  told to myself as i looked the big school building and students entering the school. i walked in. i got few glances of people who noticed me but most of the students didn't even notice me and i was glad. "um excuse me." i said as i saw girl standing  few feet's from me she looked like a nice person so i decided to ask her where the principals office was. "oh sure i can walk you there! nice to meet you. i am Catharina call me Cat." she smiled friendly. "thanks. i am Ophelia, call me Lia." i said. "oh okay. i like your  accent. you are from Wales." she smiled while i followed her. "is it that obvious?" i asked. "yeah, but hey it's cute. you are cute. i really like your braids." she said. "thanks. i like you you are nice. "i said giving her a smile. "i like you too. i believe we will make good friends, this is it you want me to wait till you got your schedule i can  help you find the right class." she asked. "that would be great. thanks." i said. i felt much better since i had met her. i had horrific thoughts in my head this morning of me surrounded by rude strangers and being totally lost in big school.  i got my schedule and walked out the principals office and Cat was standing in the same spot where i left her. i gave her my schedule. i watched as she eyed it curiously and smiled then looked at me. "we have the all same classes!" she said and gave me a high five. i just gave her a smile. we had History first and i followed Cat inside the class room what was almost full of other students. "Oi Cathy! who is your new friend?!" voice called from back of the class room. Cat rolled her eyed and sat down and i sat down next to her. "ignore him. Harry is a total pain in the ass." Cat said. "no i am not."that same voice said. tall curly haired boy made his way to where we were sitting he sat on my table eyeing me up and down. i felt uncomfortable under his eyes what were roaming shamelessly over my body. "hi Hot stuff i am Harry, Harry Styles." he spoke with arrogant tone saying his name like it was something super important. i was holding my straight face and not to laugh at his arrogant personality. "Hello." I said not looking at him. "from Wales? that's hot. never banged a Wales chick?" Harry said. ugh. disgusting. i heard his friends laugh. "please. Leave." i said not looking at him. "what? oh baby you don't mean that." he said. "Harry, see. not everyone  want you." Cat said.  "whatever, you aren't even that hot." he said getting off my table and walking back to his seat. "that was disgusting. please tell me this school is not full of arrogant asses like him." i said turning to Cat. "Harry and his gang are just the asshole ones. damn! i dig you already. i will introduce  you to my bestie's welcome to our gang girl. of course if you want you i am not forcing you or anything." she said. "oh thats okay. it sound cool." i said. "cool. you will see  Kelly,Rhonda and Susan at lunch break." she smiled. teacher walked in and me and Cat wrote down the notes and chatted a bit at the class. the morning  classes went fast and i discovered that Harry really was some kind of player bad boy he hang with this group with four other guys and they had girls all over them. he is totally that kind of boy who i want to stay a way from. 

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