Slave to the Damned

When the Vampire King, Killian , saves Zaria Meadow's life, she is indebted to him and must become his personal slave indefinitely. She must run errands, clean and sexual favors? Torren, her boyfriend, comes to visit her everyday, for that is her only privilege. But as Killian grows more fond of his new slave, she is to see her beloved less and less until the visits cease. When Zaria successfully escapes, weird things begin to happen to her and she finds herself between fangs and a hard place.
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2. Two

          Zaria woke up, straightened her hair, put on her make-up and got dressed. She wore a black ruffled short skirt with a black corset with ruffles at the top of the bust and a black long sleeved shrug that acted as a turtle neck with ruffles that came under the chin and ruffled at the ends of the sleeves leaving her cleavage to be highly noticed. Her legs were covered with black thigh high laced up boots with ruffles at the top and pointed heels at the bottom. 

          "I know your job calls for it, but looking as sexy as you do makes me want to keep you in the house..." Torren walked over to his beloved and held her from behind. She smiled sweetly at his flirtatious nature. "And bend you over..." he whispered. He slowly brushed his peach fuzz against her ear and moved down to her neck. "Ugh. This thing is in the way. Maybe if I just unbutton it...a little..." He slid his hands to the front of her neck, taking hold of a button but she stopped him. She turned around to face him.

       "I know it's a lot  but the boss says this customer is special, so hopefully the pay is good."

       "Okay, okay, fiiiine."  He pulled her in closer. "But, I need to taste you before you go."  They kissed each other passionately, pulling each other closer with each breath. As she wrapped her arms around his neck, he lifted her up and pushed her up against the wall. He inched his fingers under her thighs and rubbed his finger up against her clit.

       "No..." she pulled away. "I have to go babe."

       "Okay." He smiled, then hugged her as he set her down. "I'll drive you, I've gotta go pick something up from Dave."

       "Yay, you gonna pick me up, too?"

        "Of course." They put on their coats and walked out.

        When Zaria walked into the night club, the whole place was covered head to toe in roses and thorns, a smoke machine was being tested in the far corner, already making the place seem a little haunted. She looked around and saw her boss, Donahue, with a clipboard mumbling to himself. She walked up to him, hoping to get his attention. Due to her height, she doubted he saw her. When she placed her manicured hands on top of his clipboard, she pushed it down and saw a furrowed brow. When he realized who it was he smiled.

       "I'm glad you're here, should have known it was you, you're the only one who can pull off those blood red nails. My head waitress, where would I be without you." He placed his arm around her shoulders and they began to walk toward the kitchen. He was Torren's height, 6'1, but not as built as he was. His hair was light brown and shaved on the sides, and the middle was set in a pompadour.

        "What's wrong?" Zaria smiled and cocked a brow.

        "Malinda, Jessica, and Gloria can't make it so I'm behind in staff."

        "And you need me to pick up their work?"

        "Yes, please. I'm sorry for dumping this on you last minute." He gave a deep sigh and shook his head, his voice was deep and calming. It was hard to be mad at him.

        "Dumping this on ME last minute, I can't imagine how you must have felt, you said it was important, I will do this on one condition."

        "Name it, anything." He looked at her smiling. She thought for a moment, then shook her head and smiled. "Nevermind, I am going to show your honored guest the best service."

        "Yes, oh god I love you." He did a fist pump in excitement. "God I'd kiss you if you weren't with someone." They laughed and he opened the door for them both. "Oh, there's one more thing..."

        "That is?" She smiled showing teeth. "Okay, so, here's the thing, my friend will be keeping himself and his closest friends in the VIP section, but yes he will know EVERYONE that is coming. BUT, when you're working in the VIP section you may see some very...kinky...things."

        "Like?" Zaria cocked a brow in confusion, she has seen it all. Sex, drugs, what else was there.

        "You'll know what I mean soon enough...I tell you this because I don't want you to bare a look of disgust on your face when you see them."

        "Uh...huh...okay, well, lets get ready, lets open up." "Okay, round up your girls and I'm going to give Jim the Clipboard and tell him to start letting people in. I'll come back when we're done with the preparations."

        "Yes sir mister boss man." Zaria said in a seductive playful tone.

        "You know I love it when you talk to me like that."

        "That's the only reason I do it, babe." She winked at him and headed to the locker room. Zaria saw that all her coworkers had already gotten their wakie-talkies. She grabbed hers, pressed the button and spoke. "All of my lovely ladies if you are done with your field work meet me in the locker room." 

        Ten minutes passed and every waitress was in the locker room as Zaria commanded. They were all wearing black, which is what their uniform called for, but of course, Zaria had to look like the head hancho, different from the other girls,"Special", if you will. They all admired her hard work and her cool calm attitude in the face of danger, AKA a really busy night.

        "Okay ladies, we're going to have a really full house tonight, and because three of our comrades couldn't be here tonight, we are slightly understaffed, but I just want you guys to do your best and if you run into trouble, you can always count on your sisters to offer a hand." She looked at a tall girl who looked nervous. "Estelle, it's alright, I know this is your first big night, but it's okay, don't be afraid to ask for help. Everyone's walkies are working, so just call us or come get us, okay?" Estelle smiled and nodded as the two women on each side placed their hand on her shoulders in comfort and understanding. "Okay ladies, headsets in..." They all put on their headsets that were studded in black jewels. Zaria snapped her walkie talkie onto the outer thigh of her boot. "Thank goodness these are wireless, huh?" They gave a brief giggle and Donahue walked in.

"You girls ready?"  

        " Yes" They all shouted in unison like soldiers.

        "Good, let's go." 

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