Slave to the Damned

When the Vampire King, Killian , saves Zaria Meadow's life, she is indebted to him and must become his personal slave indefinitely. She must run errands, clean and sexual favors? Torren, her boyfriend, comes to visit her everyday, for that is her only privilege. But as Killian grows more fond of his new slave, she is to see her beloved less and less until the visits cease. When Zaria successfully escapes, weird things begin to happen to her and she finds herself between fangs and a hard place.
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3. Three

        Hours had passed by and the whole club was covered in a fog with lights flashing through it. People were dancing and feeling on each other, a sexual must filled the air. Though there was still no sign of this mystery VIP and his entourage. Zaria was behind the bar with three of the bartenders giving them congratulatory pats on the back. She heard an incoming message and listened closely. "Zaria, he's here." She pressed the button on the headset and spoke.

       "Alright, I'm coming to the front."

       "No, go to the room and open the curtains for them."

       "Yes sir." She did as instructed and swam through the sea of people. When she reached the back room she pulled the rope to open the curtains and waited for her top customer to arrive. A few minutes passed and there he was, 6'4 with wavy neck length midnight blue hair, almond shaped vibrant red eyes, a broad jawline with a five o'clock shadow, and pale white skin. Zaria couldn't help but stare in awe, she's seen some handsome men, but never like him. As he walked up to her he looked down and smirked. She realized she was staring and played it cool. She closed her eyes and moved to the side waving her hand, signaling him that he may enter. He moved forward and his posse continued in behind him. Beautiful men and women passed her by, not even giving her a first glance. When they all seemed to be in she closed the curtain and walked to the back with them. The VIP section was one big room with small sectioned off circular seats with their own curtain, each was being used. She walked up to the biggest couch and looked the man straight in his eye. He had a woman by his side that was whispering to him. He laughed and she moved away. He signaled for Zaria to move forward toward him. She walked up to him and bent over to his ear and spoke. "Would you like to order now?" She leaned her ear toward him and he spoke.

      "Donahue knows what I want." His breath was cold and sent a shiver up her spine. She spoke in his ear once more.

       "I'll be back with your order."  He moved closer to her indicating he wanted to speak again, she listened. "Will you be our only waitress?" She stood up straight and nodded with a smile. He mouthed the word "Good"  and flashed a very dazzling smile with prominent canines. She thought nothing of them.

She went into the kitchen and looked around for Donahue. She pressed the button on the side of her headset. 

"Donahue? Your guest said that you already have something prepared for them?"

"Yes." He spoke back.

"I'm in the kitchen, but I don't see anything on our jade plates."

"Oh, uh, you just need to go to the bar, I just finished explaining things to Alana, she has the order." Zaria jerked her head back in confusion. 

"Oh...okay..." She sounded unsure, but who was she to question the boss man. She left the kitchen and headed toward the bar. Alana had just finished pouring the last of the wine into the jade wine glasses when she walked up. "Hey, Alana. This is for the VIP?"

"Yeah." She yelled "Donahue just said to pour this 'special wine' into the glass and this is all they will have for the night.

"What makes it so special?"

"I don't know, I don't care. It's a big night and I just wanna get paid." They both laughed as Zaria picked up both trays. She watched the liquid sway in the cup. It barely was thick. What's that smell? She thought, and looked no more into it. As she passed the crowed, she danced her way to the VIP room, flowing through the crowd like water slipping through fingers. She liked dancing, especially while working. Keeping the energy flowing while making herself feel good, it was nice. And getting paid while doing it didn't hurt, she laughed at herself when she entered. She walked up to the special guest and placed the trays on the table diagonal of him. He stared at her, watching her every move. When she looked up at him, their eyes met and she cocked a brow. He dented his as he smiled and she bent over to his ear level. "Are you sure there's nothing else I can get you?"  

"We're good, thank you. I'm Killian."

"Nice to meet you." She sat up and turned away but he caught her hand. They were so cold that her heart skipped a beat. She looked down at him and she saw him mouth the words.

"What's your name?" 

"I don't give my name to customers anymore." Zaria spoke but didn't yell it for him to hear....but he did hear, and he let go. He saw the fear in her eyes before she walked off. Laughing caught her attention as she looked into a few cubicles. A man and a woman kissing a woman's neck aggressively, almost as if they were hungry, she looked closer but was caught off guard by the brush of a woman's hand against her arm. In only one glance she could tell that the woman was horny and high. She laughed and walked into a cubical. Just before Zaria made it to the exit, she looked over at a section and blushed. There was a woman and a man, kissing as they were receiving oral sex from the same sex, they broke their tongue action to stare at Zaria. Smiling seductively, beckoning her with their index fingers, she took in a deep breath, held it, and walked out with her head high. 

"Donahue, what kind of people are these? I mean, I've seen some stuff working here...but these people are beyond kinky."  Zaria slowly paced the kitchen biting her thumb nail.

"Look, Killian pays great money to come here, what he does in the VIP room is his own business. As long as no one harasses you, it's fine." Donahue crossed his arms and shrugged with a smile.

"I know but..." She thought back to the wine. "What kind of wine was that anyway, it smelled funny."

"Look, babe, this guys is powerful, I don't ask questions when he comes by, I just do what he asks, believe it or not I'll be able to buy a yacht with the money he's provided."

"That sounds like me and the girls are getting paid exceptionally well tonight." She smiled at her employer and he smiled back.

"Come on, the night's almost done. Let's get back to it."

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