A Solipsistic Companion

Dhinesh starts his journey in hunky-dory, how Advika made him Solipsistic , whether she will be his partner of his life ?


1. A Solipsistic Companion

                                          It's already late to train still now train ticket is not purchased , because my leave is accepted at last momentum by bitch Hr, this hurry burry situation is only due to my higher officials .         Even though I mailed my leave proposal by a week ago but due to project work they denied leave .Getting leave from corporate companies is like flying in aerial nothing to guarantee .

                                          we are here working for Gum-chewing fat pigs and so for we need to depend on America for getting leave too. Every techno wizard working under the Multi National company Have the thought alacrity of WTF? is this, some time I thought HTF?  Such a great nailing to celebrate Indian festivals, however after lot of altercation I got four days leave for Diwali and started my journey from Gandhinagar to Ahmadabad railway station  which 23 Km far from my place .

                                       I had spend 580 bucks for taxi rent a holy shit but what to do I need to catch train by 9.43 already now time is 9.00 . So I'm triggering the cab driver to increase the throttle.

                                     It's time to approbation myself I'm Dhinesh working as IT analysis in one of the Multinational company and I'm native of Chennai and boisterous to say a pride Tamilan. when I got selected in to this company during my campus drive , Had expected that I'll be allotted with in south India even my friends wished the same and one person pestering me to join in Hyderabad though she doing her higher studies there ,her name goes with Aarthy a jovial school friend who shares everything with me and huh..when she started to talk it's like an Air, All India radio we can get all news at place especially gossips...

                                      oh damn Cab now sucked in traffic my face turning to red. when I started to enquire about the traffic it's get clearing a god grace still 12 km are more to reach railway station . candy memories of college days started to run in my mind , a cognizant days every moment is to concoct with their rules a knife always above the head. however here everyone used to mug up those syllabi and vomit it on exams which are sometimes not digested well too, otherwise we need to face lot conflagration in college meanwhile another side of my college is consonant where my place is surrounded by greenly environment ,traditional culture everywhere and I loved it .

                                 First three years of my Electrical Engineering life goes with holy-moly, however at last by final year get engaged myself with lot of personalities and we four members in my class called as crew members because we participate together in all programs during college days those memories brings me tears , crew's smiths are Nagarajan a diligent and engender person so he goes with first mark in my class , Next Azarudhin a man who holds several skills looks like giant but an empathy fellow one advantage to me is by using him we used to collect hot news in my college because he is an idiosyncratic fellow of my department . Then comes Bhuvanesh he had lot of skills in programming being an electrical engineer he performs coding and an epitome for person like me.

                               Finally I'm "As much use as a chocolate teapot" fatuous who consider myself an erudite person but in truth I'm a shit far no more introduction required , (A wide sound) horn sound get back me to present ,yep! finally i reached the railway station now time is 9.15am but the holy hit is ticket queue is almost a fifty yards .Err it's my first time to going to Chennai without any reservation but one news make me to have a great breath that's train is 30 minutes late due to some religion riots in jodhapur so they halted the train there itself. so I can get tickets after some time , by turning back  found a bench which was already occupied by four peoples, but no other go  need to adjust with them to manage my luggage weight.

                                        I just parked myself at corner of the bench .A old lady however she goes with above 65 years is sitting near to me her legs were crossed, foot kicking slightly and gibbering ,I found she was boredom due to delay of train and she continually  showering in India the "religion riots are incessant" even I too feel the same especially in Gujarat it happens consecutively and I'm very much depressed about my irritating life which always filled with obstacles whenever I felt like this.

                                      I used to remember the words of Mathusha my facebook turn whatsapp friend till now her friendship is like tag without price on it. her words " we can't get everything easily if it does then we will feel our handwork is ambiguous" so it better to face some critical situation to taste the profit of it. in India there is one traditional method to be followed that's standing in queue to get everything that same exits here too standing in long queue to buy ticket, finally reached the counter and  made a harrowing enquiry to officer . Typically he might thought , who is this idiot? asking reservation ticket few days before diwali .Got this heinous reaction from his face itself . Err with little smiling I asked sorry for my indigent enquiry .

                                      After all I got my unreserved ticket but still there no sigh of johdhapur express there , on other hand the great Ahmadabad station was filled with crowd of people. mother showing his affection towards her crying child, twentyish and office going people are in tension at one corner there is some quarrelsome about the delay of train .finally my ear heard a signal of incoming express, everyone face turned to happy such a overwhelming .train reached the foul mark where it started to run on its inertia, cluster of peoples started to urging in to compartments to get a comfortable seats , we can able to see Dutch bus in unreserved coaches such a ugly seats and berths. scarily I too started to move myself in to coach and finally entered with my  pre defined guessing .

                                     Damn again I proved that I'm good in guessing.  yep!! there no place to park myself, every place is occupied by litters and Rajasthani people with traditional dresses which is called as  lehenga or a chaniya choli, Both men and women put on colorful and beautifully designed costumes to show the great ambiance of this northwestern state of India. I become somber and making my path towards the steps of compartment and sit there lonely. there are twenty seven junctions in between Ahmadabad and Chennai only the almighty knows whether this place is permanent or I'll get place to sleep on berth.

                                       Train starts to move  hoping that I'll reach Chennai by tomorrow mid night. immerse, hypocrisy too played in my life "what i dreamed and what i got" while I'm heading towards station by morning, had a day dream that I'll get a compartment occupied by handsome girl and felt jubilant but seeing the present ,aahm aahm(whooping) .After forty six minutes travel the express reached Nadiad junction , need to shift over the steps but I know one thing passenger rate may increase but won't fall .here train halt for two minutes so those who have nadiad as destination urge to step out . my naked eye get the sight that four passengers taking out the baggage and now I get my destination to occupy the window seat but problem is crowd need to defy it .started to moving towards the compartment, though it is accessible somehow it's jerk if I failed then entire my journey will be accommodating by steps only .

               "yippee , now I'm dog with two tails got the window seat , hooray !! hooray!!. Pullman starts to move ,time to exult myself. taking a brief breath 'in-out' 'in-out' next junction is Vadodra a city which is famous for its traditional heritages . Nyay mandri which is called as temple of justice , standing with wide spread at heart of vodaodra . I used to call the nyay as place for good selfie, thug life is better on seeing those funny faces . lot of romantic selfie shows how one admire his/her life partner .In India we don't have privacy to kiss at public places though it's not a crime but showing respect to our tradition else we can see French in nyay mandir filled with kisses such a romantic place .

                   My hard work for struggling to get window seat is fruitful now, entered in to place of scenery  “ vadodra”. whispering noise raised in my compartment that they all going to vadodra for attending kin marriage .so my entire coach will be free within five minutes , gonna accompany by new companions  waiting to see them. Every one stepped out from train as we reached vodadra junction . watch shows  12.23  brought India times magazine from seller who vendering along the platform with having lots of magazine in his hand. The hot news flashed on the front page of magazine about the jodhapur riot ,quoted that “ Riots triggered for political cadence” . unity of India is being spoiled by the bitch politicians, they using the religion, caste and creed as their weapon  to distinguish the people for their wealth . on moving gaze to the content of the next page my eye balls spot a rhapsodize  person sitting adjacent to me .

   She is a sculpted figure sat well oh her wafer –thin, her dressing is an impeccable , orchrous hue and her hair was kohl-black , set of dazzling, angel-white teeth gleamed as she blew gently on her carmine-red fingernails

Her enticing, constellation-blue eyes gazed at me over her puffy, heart shaped lips ,I totally dismissed on seeing her .thought whether my hypocrisy going to happen  , it took a minute to back to normal form a beauty disaster however need to manage without disclosing flirt.

Train started to move ,I’m un able to read the magazine as much trying to control my eye balls fro her it’s out my control . Addicted to her bouncy personality and sugary voice . I don't where she going but one unknown feeling that she’ll going to come with me in remaining part of life .

        Itty-bitty “ whether it’s called as love at first sight” after undergoing lot of calculation .I've come to it’s all my illusion ,Damn.

Hearing Tamil semmozhi anthem in addition to the sound made by train wheels. Excited to hearing a song which shows my mother tongue as classical language ,only six language in this world are classical although Sanskrit too be a classical but not widely spoken .

“hello, yeah Mom it’s Advika , I got the train “.

I’ll reach Chennai by tomorrow night “ a sugary voice make me to rotate my neck 30 degree left.

Her name is Advika and she too from Chennai that brings smile on my cheek .

I think she too urging Chennai for celebrating Diwali .

Getting in to middle page of magazine ,cartoons are drawn  about the people of India that showing political parties playing cricket meanwhile they using Bat as religion and Ball as people. sufferers are only peoples at all the cause!!

Kudos for the female cartoonist BavaDaarne for her coup act on cartooning the political situations of India with denounces courage.

Birds started moving towards their nest , sun hiding between the mountains and sky becomes reddish in color

Reached Panvel junction and time is 18.23  .entire compartment waked up after a nap ,it so drowsy need to refresh .

Advika comfortable on nap , neurons are activated when I flashed water from sink . on taking wet cloth from bag my neighbor started enquire about my profession

I thought he is amorphous person sitting behind me without any changes in his body ,finally it's come to end

"I'm a slave of an American fatty rats" I replied.

Even me too worked for Multi National Company ,a hard voice backed me.

Slightly turned my face to him ,he repeated ''worked'' a few times

Acted as project leader for a  decade , a thug life .so dropped out there now I'm a incumbent and leading a jubilant life.

His lucid words teaches me lot ,it's time to vigil up too

Next junction is pune? a sugary voice brings me to present, Advika questioned her companion.

If this question to me ,i felt happy but it won't.

So far completed twenty three pages in magazine, while turning next page my mobile started ringing .

Mobile displays my Dad name, '' hi dad, heading towards pune will reach Chennai by tomorrow mid night ''

Entire compartment is silent but there is no changes Advika while I'm saying Chennai.

It clearly shows that she patent what I'm trying

One started to hate his entire life when he pinged twelve of his facebook  friends and seven of his  whatsapp but couldn't get a single reply from them ,every things ruins here

No other go need to open the magazine , found some movements in aisle

''hi!!  I'm Advika "

what? whether this intro for me?

slightly I  Gazed forward

It's her ,sitting in front of me  , whether it's dream ?

"Hello !! " again she whishing me.

hey ,hi I'm Dhinesh. I told innocently.

Are you from Chennai? Advika questioned me

yeah! I'm native of Arumbakam .how about you?

i'm from Tiruvanmiyur


Can't believe that she talked to me

Difficult to retract my eyes from her .she satisfy all my requirements to be a good life partner  

Monitoring her for last four hours , her innocence face and patience is playing salient role.

Passed lot of clouds in my life  but an unknown hope that this cloud would stay with me.

(we started interacting with each other)

'' what about your carrier? '' she asked

''working  as IT analysis in one of the vacillate company in Gandhipuram''

(tactic expression from her)

''hurray, me too working for same company in vadodra branch " she replied

how you got it? i asked

your two words ''vacillate company ''that too in gandhipuram, it's more than enough

(Dimples on her cheeks sparkled)

hunky-dory working environment, I'm not interested in blaming our firm but it not  suit's me

Like a security guard need to be vigilant at every second!!!

what about your eagle view? I questioned her

(her eye brows rising  nefariously)

''I'm in Human resource Department and proud to be a part of our firm ,Mr.Dhinesh''

Her action speaks louder than words if I continue this topic sure I'll be fired out , Time to switch over the topic. by hiding fear full expression "how about your family?''

(she started laughing silently)

''I'm not a litigant fellow who follows all the law ,so be free that's your opinion about our firm .however My Dad is revenue officer and mom is home maker"

Huh!! time to relax myself ,

 "how many hours still there to reach pune, I'm starving", than what’s your favorite food?

Yeah!! I used to  prefer Aloo paratha with butter advika .

“Cheesy, how you guys love vegetarian foods. I love to have Murg Makhani aka Butter chicken”

“ We are here to eat , face the both the phase of life and need to vacate this temporary tent "Fine let it be  “Which is your favorite hot drink?’’ she asked

You mean alcohol? , whether she testing me?

Let accede with her, yeah monthly twice. Accentuated

“Did you know the meaning of which?” with her questioning expression her eye brow raised.

'White Mischief’ Accentuated her by this Drink.

“It’s Vodka  Dude, better prefer ‘Michelada’ it’s good for health too”

 Appalling reaction on my face, even I got that drink name with the help of Google to raise my dignity; she totally shut down by raising her feminism!!  

Oh almighty, what’s happening here?

But still I love her open mindedness.

We both become good friends, her chatter box and difficult to assess her Humanity made me something special.

Almost time is 23.40 .I got tired with lovely chatting , “Did you know any treatment for sleeping?’’ she questioned with sadness

I found full moon face is screened by rainy black clouds, That too a cloying only.

Just open your hands. do what I'm Doing.

She started to nodding her heads, make your left hand palm facing upwards then just rub first phalange of your fingers with right hand ,vice versa   .

“only first phalange not other two correct” whether it brings sleep, wtf? Advika starts her blabber

Switch off your chatter box ,if you do that sure you’ll sleep.

Good night, sweet nightmare!! advika ji

“Entire compartment is sleeping but still I’m blabbering!” her murmuring continues.

Herd train stumped, lot of noise and yelling everywhere, just took off my blanket from face. Incandescent sunrays fall on my face.

Blinked and again blinked my eyes, managed to open my both the eyes.

“Success morning, coffee?”!!! Advika voice reached me.

Good morning!!

Which junction is this, so noisy?

Guntakal junction and time is 08.03  it’s enough ?”

Need to refresh , reached my bag to take brush and paste.

“Do it first, impecunious to saw your puffy face and Mucus eyes, Disgusting yar ”

“pace up your refresh, need to have our breakfast ” Advika triggered me

Just a minute ,I’ll back .on seeing her firing words one can easily conclude that Her eyes fails to close still morning , if I asked about that treatment ,Damn sure we started to tiff with  each other.

while I'm returning to the compartment by roughing my face with towel a hard voice backed me "only twenty minutes still left , I'm already malnourished at least need to get some junk food yar''

we urged to food court and brought some hamburgers and return to the train ,though the time is less we brought only four burgers , as we reached pull man starts to move. but the beauty is she shared one of the burger with  girl child in my compartment whom she showed her affection by yesterday .

"As I'm already mentioned about my malnourishment ,so  two for me remain one for you '' whether this deal ok ? she asked with pity expression

when we will reach Renignta junction?

"why Dhinesh any important work there?"

That is the only place where I can satisfy my  Starving stomach ,told melancholy

"Don't worry charm that's our south India and it's well know  for Spicy and culinary foods, tell what you need rice ,daal and curry as your lunch .I'll be a your official sponsor" she listed this by having hamburger in her mouth   .

I just unwrap the burger and start to eat ,I reached my maximum tolerance limit , she continues to eat like small child

 After a couple of time she laconically questioned ,"how do you come to know about that treatment?"

oh! now I come to know, why I got one burger for my breakfast. This is called as tit for tat ,what an idea Mam ji .

I paid my tax for her sleepless night in term of hamburger , I just murmured myself .

"Hello, Guru ji asking you only" again she raised her voice laconically

please don't make fun on me ,I got this via my uncle that's all.

I thought this will be a good remedy for you but now I come to know that's failed  , sorry for that insane

"Guru ji ,it's worked even i astonished just got woke up By morning 07.30" she told it with her  teeth's sparkling.

Really it's worked ? questioned her once again

"Paradox  Man ,at initial stage thought it as fun but later as per your words I slept " clearly it's visualizing from her face.

A kind of acupuncture for sleeping, replied to her

"what a kind of person you are, well worse in everything" she raised me

if you are interested in paying consulting fee, most welcome .Don't use these kind of hype words advika

entire compartment started to laugh on hearing this, affection between us being getting stronger,

" Geek you are simply great '' her sugary voice continues until she got tired .

we started chit chat about all gossips till the train reaches Renignta junction ,I've never seen such a gorgeous girl in my life.

Thank god ! for giving her as my companion, I can't imagine two days of travel without  her .

my aesthetic senses came alive ,

 I was struck by her beauty.

 The combination of shape and color were pleasing to my eyes as I read ,

Such beauty, poetry defined in endless lines.

" Ziara ''she exclaimed


" A famous hotel For our South Indian food , shall we go there?"

Did you heard ''you and I beautiful in this world ?''

" it's sound like some mobile network advertisement, a dog used to follow his master?''

Similar to that Ad ,I'll follow  you. Meanwhile get me a lunch that satisfy me.

she started laughing uncontrollably.

After a eon , Tasting a fantabulous spicy recipes.

''South Indian recipes are always spicy '' Advika said by Nodding her head

Journey going to end soon ,still few more junction to reach Chennai.

I'm in situation ,Don't know how to react and move on !!

Lot of friendship may ends in love but friendship after love is never, still time is running it may end in rapport  .

Train starts to move, she started enjoying the scenery across the window 

'Basically I won't get jealous on seeing others way of leading life, but on seeing the life leading by you.

Decided to larceny that from you.' i told to her

''what made you to think like this" she questioned me with smiling

Your character deserve that, I replied

"I thought my lithe personality makes you to ask like this, when I board in vodadra I found you in this  corner sitting near the window and having gaze on magazine, in addition to that  i had monitored you more than a hour

Your maudlin voice for religious rebels in India, it's all gives a good conclusion about you.

I'm not a nonchalant and then by air, I come to know our destination are same .

(By gasping)

Meanwhile I started to talk with you, now you got cleared!!”Advika asked me with raising her hand

let it  be your perusal but I'm wondering about your  anthropic and kindness , the face which never shows sorrow .

The eyes which occupies enthusiastic actions .Doing what you love, never worried about other criticizes.

These are a few characters which made me jealous on you, made a viral reply to her

“You claiming that I’m always Happy isn’t it.

 Did you what to a know day when I lost my happiness and sleep.

 A Single phone call “sorry, you lost your husband in road accident”

(Tears shedding along the corner of her eyes)

I don’t know how to react for this, pity for her. The one whom I thought to be the best part of my life, lost her husband 

(She started to wipe her eyes with napkin)

“Our destination is one but the reason is different, you’re going for celebrating Diwali.

I’m going for first year Death Anniversary of my husband .

A miserable person who lost my husband within a month of marriage, now no caption is required for your question,

You might came to knew about the situations how women like me will face after losing her life partner ,the view of society is quite differ from ordinary women” Advika expressed her feelings

Sorry for inconvenience Advika, apologized her

“Furthermore, I come to know one thing. Life has both phases but I faced the negative phase at the core, then I started to revert back myself.

Obstacles are permanent in life, overcoming it and tasting the happiness of it is real success” her words makes me to think about the hurtles of life

“After realizing it, I started to work towards my passion and now I attained it. I found out one from you that you are not interested to be a techno wizard; you may have your own passion.

 Don’t do a job that poignant you, Make a clear path towards passion never divert from it.

everyone has a chapter filled with darkness  they never read it loud ,so  don't judge one by their external appearance" Advika said with eyes filled with tears 

(Conversation between us stopped)

Time to quell from this era  , speechless but solipsistic myself

Stoic life of me going to engage with my passion , her words makes a change in me

Tirade between swallows the time ,finally two days of journey  going to end.

Train reaches the foul mark of Chennai and engine got turned off.

I don't know how to face her ,after getting all baggage I made a gaze on her  .

"Don't think our friendship is just a train relation ,Itching of his chatter box will continue Mr.Dhinesh" uncanny ability of advika raised

''This is My Visiting card have it, be in contact  otherwise I'll get transfer to gandhipuram branch and I'll screw you there, have it in your mind " she affectionately warned me with smile

It's amazing serendipity to see her revert as old ,she proves women's are gifted with prowess to overcome  critical situations of life , However she made me impeccable at end

we wished mutually and left the compartment .

                            Though I completed My  hunky-dory journey, still something lags in own self , by placing the luggage in the platform waited for My freelancer friend Mahendran . lot of thoughts starts to run , questioned myself that "whether having Advika in my life is profane? " 

                         "Welcome to Chennai" voice backed me with a back stab, "Hey Buddy , I hope you would enjoyed your unreserved  journey" Mahendran wished me with laughing .

Then where is that famous Rajasthani Radha krishna painting , which your mom asked you to brought  ? he questioned me 

"oh !! damn I forget that as my leave is accepted at last moment ,in Hurry burry situation I failed to took that painting with me .But I found another most expensive painting " I answered him

where it is ? again he enquired me

"It's in Chennai only ,After talking with my mom I decided  to bring to our home " on hearing this he showed a confused expression in his face

suddenly I make a call to my mom "sorry mom ,I failed to brought that painting but I found a excellent painting  which shows forgiveness , faithful, supportive ,patience, motivating , god-loving, respectful, secure and sexually inclined , if you kept this painting in juxtaposition, sure you will love this painting "

on hearing this my mom made a simple reply "if you love that painting ,bring that to our home"

"Sure mom, when I stand against your words  "

                                                                                                  journey for Advika continues

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