Alpha's Fire

Lunia is an alpha from birth, her Father Alpha Michael Fire, her mother Luna Elizabeth Fite, alpha and luna of Pack Darkstar. One dreadful night everything changes for her, a life of leading turns down hill, with the betrayal of family. They try to break her. Can she stay strong and keep her ferice heart till she meets a certain mate?


3. The Solitude

When I finally wake up, its dark. I try to get up off the cold, hard floor, but I scream as my ankles and wrists begin to burn. I fall back to the floor panting. I starts to move my arms slowly up, I could hear the soft clanking, and feel the extra weight that is normally never there. I start to crawl from where I awoke from and then suddenly I stop for I could go no further. I am chained to the wall with silver chains, that is why if it touches my skin, it burns. I sigh as I start twiddling my thumbs in boredom, as well as humming.

In my cell, there is no way too keep track of the sense of time down here, because of the simple fact that there are no windows, no guards who change shift, and no other prisoners for the simple fact that I am about 150 feet in the ground. Also, I don't breath in through my nose because of the old, dry blood and mold that is on the floor and walls. This floor that my cell is on, is the floor the torture on. I know where I am, and what is coming to me, if the chains, the needle, and the floor was any indication. That is when I hear footsteps, light, yet quick, not a werewolf, but I couldn't understand why someone would be down here, when they are not one of the pack. Whoever they are, they are singing and from their voice I could tell they are a girl. Who in their right mind would be singing in a place like this? That is when she comes in the room where my cell is at, looks around cautiously, as if she is lost.

"My, oh my company to my solitude." I mouth off. She quickly looks around, trying to find where the voice is coming from, and honestly I am curious on who she is.

"What...who's there?" She calls out and she sounds as well as smells scared, but I could also smell my Uncle on her.

"No one you would know, Luna." She starts to follow my voice till she stood in front of my cell.

"How did you know I was the Luna?" I start to smell her again and I realize she is human.

"Because I can smell my uncle on you, as well as your fear. You need not fear me," then I got quiet. "I don't hurt the innocent." She looks at me differently then, in a different light. As I say that last part I didn't mean for her to hear it but she did.

"His...niece..." I nod, then realizes she can't see me.

"His dead niece." I add emphasis on the word dead, for everyone but he, his second, third, and now his Luna thinks I am dead.

"You are Lunia, aren't you?" She asks slowly and quietly as if hoping that I wasn't the one he apparently talks about, how else would she know my name. Hoping that I am not the one that everyone still mourns and once cherished so dearly when they thought I was alive. Unfortunately though that is not the case. Thanks to my wolf hearing though I am able to hear her when she said that for how quiet she said it. "He talks about you a lot, he is still mourning you, " I scoff. "Why are you down here?" He acts as if he is still mourning me, his dead niece, I could laugh.

"I am down here because of the fact that I hold the one thing that he wants most in this world..." she tilts her head. "He wants me to submit to him, so he can become Alpha..." she starts to shake her head.

"Kirk is Alpha, and on top of that women can't be Alphas..." wow her knowledge is very limited.

"No, Uncle is acting Alpha, he took me, beat me trying to get me to submit, and give him my title and power, but he killed his only leverage over me six years ago. The reason I am down here is because I stood up to him once again." I explain to her, trying to figure out why she cares.

"What happened six years---"

"Scarlett? Baby, where are you?" Her eyes go wide as she looks at me.



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