Alpha's Fire

Lunia is an alpha from birth, her Father Alpha Michael Fire, her mother Luna Elizabeth Fite, alpha and luna of Pack Darkstar. One dreadful night everything changes for her, a life of leading turns down hill, with the betrayal of family. They try to break her. Can she stay strong and keep her ferice heart till she meets a certain mate?


4. The Protector

"Luna, I have a plan to make it where he is not mad at you, but at me. I am going to try to attack you," her eyes widen more. "I won't hurt you but he won't know that, I need you to play along though that way he doesn't think that you are in on it..." she nods. She looks around and I take that opportunity to suddenly grab her by the throat, causing her to scream. Uncle, Charlie, and his second in command comes running. They stop in their tracks when they see that I have their Luna, by her throat and is threatening to break it.

"Bitch, let her go..." Uncle says strainingly, he is fighting to stay calm.

"Why should I, dearest Uncle? You, have a human mate... That makes you weak, having a human as a mate is weak, humans are nothing but weakness. No wonder you wouldn't touch my mother yourself, but had your rogues do it...Didn't want to dirty your hands in the filth of humans...." he is getting so angry it is comical.

"Bitch...let...her...go...NOW!!!" he unexpectedly shifts, and their is a brown wolf with emerald green eyes, snapping and snarling at me.

"Charile, take the Luna." He comes and grabs her, pulls her away the soon to be wolf fight, then I concentrate on Divola. That is when I shift into my black wolf with silver eyes.

You threaten my position, you challenge me, and then you threaten my mate, it is time that you die!

It was never your position in the first place. I was born an Alpha, and when you killed my Father you only gave me the position that I would have gotten anyway, to me sooner.  You will never be the Alpha. Because of you locking me up, that has only made me stronger, but you have no idea the animal I have become because of you. I warned you, I have fought you, and now I have had enough. I will kill you, and I can't escape the animal in me, I have pushed it down, but it still rages inside every time you hit me. NOW I WILL SAVE MYSELF FROM THIS NIGHTMARE, FROM YOU!!!!

That is when I launch myself at him and claw his side. That is when I realize that he and her didn't finish the mating, because I hurt him and she didn't scream. That is when he tries to get past me to attack me from behind, but not knowing how he feels about having a human mate, I stand in front of Scarlett, protecting her. That is when I feel another Goddess Damned Needle, enter my hip, I look up and it is Scarlett that stuck me. I sent a thought to her before the blackness consumed me





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