Alpha's Fire

Lunia is an alpha from birth, her Father Alpha Michael Fire, her mother Luna Elizabeth Fite, alpha and luna of Pack Darkstar. One dreadful night everything changes for her, a life of leading turns down hill, with the betrayal of family. They try to break her. Can she stay strong and keep her ferice heart till she meets a certain mate?


2. The Fighter

--Present Time--


"Lunia! Get your ass up! Shut that bloody alarm off! Cook breakfast!" Uncle's voice ran throughout his house. The house that he only shares with his mate, his beta, his third in command, and then of course there is me. Except I have to earn my stay, by being their personal slave to nearly everything.

"Kiss off Uncle!" I scream at him, knowing full well that I am going to be punished but I didn't care. That is when he bursts into what room I have, kicking me in the chest, sending me flying, as well as knocking the wind out of me.

"You don't talk to your Alpha that way." He sends a blow to my ribs. I look at him and my naturally green eyes suddenly flash silver, signifying that my wolf was taking over.

"You are not my alpha, and you will never be! I am the Alpha!" His eyes turns black, as he walks towards me. He grabs me by my arms and drags me to my bed, then ties my arms the the wall. He spreads my legs and ties them to the foot of the bed, then his eyes looks far away for a few seconds. Having a Telepathic link with someone, he linked with is third-in-command.

When I heard a knock on the door, and turns out I was right. Uncle, opened the door, there was his son, my cousin, strutting in like he owned the place, in a sense he did, or so he thinks so. He thinks that his Father is the true Alpha, well he is wrong.

"Son, you know this Bitch." At calling us, the true Alphas, a bitch, that made are already silver eyes glow a bit brighter.

"No, Father." One thing that I feel sorry about is that Charlie has to have a father like him.

"Well Son, today is your lucky day. You don't have a mate yet, and so I give this Bitch to you for your needs." My silver eyes widen as I slowly comprehend what he said. I start to jerk against my binds and thrash about on the bed, slowly, and painfully shifting. My bones breaking and slipping out of the binds, while my fur starts to grow. I howl from the pain and I look at my Uncle, I growl. "Son, go get the Wolves-bane, now!" Charlie takes off. Good now he doesn't have to watch as I kill his father. "Divola, I know you are angry, but I have to teach you respect." He says calmly as he walks backwards as I walk towards him. I snap my jaws as I get closer. "Divola, think about this. Do you think your father will want this?" That made me stagger, he knows my, our weakness. Our dead, family, the family that he killed. That is when Charlie gets back and stabs me with a needle, injecting Wolves-bane in my system. I take a huge chunk out of Charlie's hand, as he pulls away. Uncle tackles me, holding me till the bane takes effect, as it does I send a thought into his head that put goose bumps on his arm.

I am the true Alpha. You can't take or break me, you won't succeed. Uncle, you can't take something you don't know the spirit that's inside it nor don't know it fights. I can't be beat, you can't break me, don't push me, I'll fight you, and I will always be free, and you are only making me stronger. Heed this warning, you will pay a hundred fold for what you did for my family. The death of three people.

He suddenly gets a look of confusion on his face.

My mother was pregnant! I was going to have a little sister! You killed her!!!!

That is when Divola, finally takes complete control and rips the left side of Uncle's face off, then the Bane finally takes its hold.

will remain free.





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