Alpha's Fire

Lunia is an alpha from birth, her Father Alpha Michael Fire, her mother Luna Elizabeth Fite, alpha and luna of Pack Darkstar. One dreadful night everything changes for her, a life of leading turns down hill, with the betrayal of family. They try to break her. Can she stay strong and keep her ferice heart till she meets a certain mate?


1. Prologue

Hello, my name is Lunia Soaringstar Fite. My wolf, her name is Divola. We are the rightful Alpha of Pack Darkstar, because no one else knows this but I. My Uncle, my Father's younger brother poisoned me with wolfsbane when I just hit my tenth birthday, and murdered my father with his own two hands, while making me watch. Then he let the rogues that was prisoners in our cells, because they came on to our territory, so they got locked up, well he let them out on my mother, killing my mother and my pack's Luna. In turn trying to claim the title of Alpha. That royally pissed me, and Divola both off, because we are the only child of Alpha Michael and Luna Elizabeth, we should be alpha not him.  That is when we became Alpha's Fire.

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