Alpha's Fire

Lunia is an alpha from birth, her Father Alpha Michael Fire, her mother Luna Elizabeth Fite, alpha and luna of Pack Darkstar. One dreadful night everything changes for her, a life of leading turns down hill, with the betrayal of family. They try to break her. Can she stay strong and keep her ferice heart till she meets a certain mate?


7. My Anger

When I finally come to, I am in my Uncle’s room, on my stomach, and alone. I roll over, but hisses in pain as my back touches the covers, staining them with my blood.

“I hate that Mother Fucker! When I see him I will kill him.” I mumble to myself. That is when I hear a set of heavy footsteps, and some light, clicking of heels, as well as arguing.

“I don’t care if I am not in charge of this pack. Your so called Alpha, lied to me about my mate, told me she was dead, marked her, and then locked the rightful Alpha up! I am staying here until she can take her place as your Alpha, and my Luna, so back off!”

“I am sorry for what Kirk did, but I can tell you, I thought the same you did a day ago, so cut me some slack… I am only human, but because of Kirk, what he did, is on my shoulders, because I didn’t know, and he was my mate.” I could hear that she is having a hard time keeping herself together. “I have to know that she is okay…” I hear a man’s sigh as the steps stop.

“I can understand that Scarlett, when your mate told me that Lunia was dead, not only did I lose a mate, but I also lost my best friend, and something inside me died as well, from all the guilt that I felt saying that I should have protected her.” With that the door opens and I automatically crouch, in a defensive position. My eyes silver, but I am in control. I will not let Divola have control for she will not hurt our mate even if he hurts us. When they came in, Raymond suddenly stops, and Scarlet runs into him.

“What the-” he covers her mouth with his hand and I growl.

“Divola, calm down.” He removes his hand from Scarlett’s mouth.

“What is going on? Her name is Lunia, not Divola.”

“All you are, is another Alpha, wishing for me to bow down. I am tired of bowing down to one Alpha or another. You can’t and won’t control…” I growl as Divola tries to take control.

“Lunia, you should remember me, I told you when we was little, even back then I knew that you was my mate… Look through your memories, you know this to be true…” I shake my head, as Divola gets angrier. “Scarlett, you need to get out of here, she is going to lose control. Her wolf is getting angry because you are too close to me…” she just stands there and I start to shift. He looks at me, watching me shift, then looks at the woman beside him. “Stupid Human! Do you want to die?!” He screams at her, and she snaps out of her gaze. “Run!” That is exactly what she does, to get away from the two angry Alphas.

I am Divola, rightful Alpha of Pack Darkstar, you will not break me, nor can you hurt me.

“Divola, I am not going to hurt you, nor do I want to break you… You just need to calm down.” My silver eyes flash white. “Oh shit.” He mumbles, as the sent of fear comes off him like waves in the ocean.

Calm down? You tell me to calm down when you just put your hand on another female… Calm down?? I have never had anything worth a shit in my life and when my mate comes along, and then touches another female, then just tells me to calm down. Bad move, mister.

That is when Divola unfortunately lunges for his throat.

“My Alpha!” Someone hits us in mid-air, we didn’t reach Raymond, for his second’s intervention.

“Why did you do that William?!” Raymond screams as I am growling.

“She has the stench of a Rogue! Want me to take her to the Slaughter House?” I could hear books fall and the gasping of breath.

“That Rogue is my mate.” He growls out, and I hear a thud of something falling to the ground.

“I am sorry Alpha Raymond, I didn’t know for she doesn’t bear your scent.” He mumbles, William, Raymond’s beta. I could hear a hiss and a growl, as a set of feet starts to run off.

“I am sorry Lunia.” and I could feel someone picking me up, and based off the sparks that I am feeling, it is Raymond. “I should have been here for you, but I am here now, and I won’t hurt you, ever… My Alpha of Alpha’s.” That is when the darkness consumes me once again. “Why must you be so cold hearted, My Love?”





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