One Step After Another

Fear controls you. Madness consumes you. ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ Despair changes you.

⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

All Raven knew and wanted was to be normal. Average. Just like her friends, her classmates, the people she passed down the street. All the thoughts of being normal, came crashing down when her parents told her the truth. The truth that ruined Her thoughts, her dreams, her life.

⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hello, I'm your average novel writer who doesn't tend to finish their novels. Due to some persuading from some good people, I've decided to share some of my novel/short story. The cover photo is my own photo, so the credit goes to me.
Hope all of you enjoy!
⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ~ @bookwormwriter__

Copyright © 2015 by bookwormwriter__.
All rights reserved.


5. Chapter 4 - Him

I yank my arm away," ..... You again.... Back off- your not even in our grade.... Damon...." I mutter, rubbing the slight red mark on my hand.

Damon just smirked, that sly devilish smirk." ... You know, Raven..." Stepping closer, I immediately stepped back, his head leaning down," .. You can always revert that anger on me... Instead of some girl who won't be able to handle it..."

My eyes widened," .... What the hell?! Get the hell away from me!" Shoving him away." Get out of this class!" I snapped.

Damon put his arms up in the air," fine fine.... Just hate me as much as much as you hate her..." He whispered, and with that he left.

I blinked sitting down, my cheeks puffing out. I want to kill him. He never knows when to stop talking, he always says pointless things. For example, he says I'm already his, or to admit what I'm feeling. What I'm feeling? Is hate.

Angelica," Damon must really like me.. Always protecting me from that roughen." She laughed.

I snapped my head towards her," funny. Last time I checked that annoying asshole, dumped your sorry little ass, saying how annoying and bitchy you were." I muttered.

Seeing Angelica's face pale, I simply smiled," oh I could go on... He said such nice things about you-" I blinked when I got caught off. Angelica just screamed and stormed out the class.

I was happy, that so called angel could never admit to herself that she lost Damon.

Ray," whoa... Raven you were on fire today!" She laughed.

" I try... I really do.." I said, before I tensed up. My eyes fluttering. Trying to shake off the feeling of sudden fear, it wasn't fading. I don't Remember what happened but, I blanked out. Hitting my head on the desk. I could feel it- but I felt trapped in my own head. I could here Ray- I could hear the teacher. I wanted to reply, but nothing was coming out. Was this fear?

Then I couldn't hear anything.

It was silent.

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