One Step After Another

Fear controls you. Madness consumes you. ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ Despair changes you.

⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

All Raven knew and wanted was to be normal. Average. Just like her friends, her classmates, the people she passed down the street. All the thoughts of being normal, came crashing down when her parents told her the truth. The truth that ruined Her thoughts, her dreams, her life.

⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hello, I'm your average novel writer who doesn't tend to finish their novels. Due to some persuading from some good people, I've decided to share some of my novel/short story. The cover photo is my own photo, so the credit goes to me.
Hope all of you enjoy!
⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ~ @bookwormwriter__

Copyright © 2015 by bookwormwriter__.
All rights reserved.


2. Chapter 1 - The beginning

Average. I'm was the average highschool student. Well I do have my problems, but everyone has problems. I had an average group of friends, had average teachers and had an average family. But I've always been struggling with my problems. My problems that scream 'not normal'. The problems that make me less average. Those problems inside of me are things I desperately want to disappear. I want people to look at me and think, she looks normal. As a person who lacks in sleep, and as a picky sense in food. I look like a zombie who hasn't eaten in days.

I've never been the one to sleep so soundly. Always screaming awake from night terrors, the same dream happening over and over again, ever since I could remember. I was running, trying to run faster, but I was slowing down. The fear was growing stronger, I could feel it growing inside of me. I felt mad, I felt insane. I desperately wanted to live, to be alive, to not be in this situation, but before anything happens, the shadow looms over me. And it goes dark. Next thing I know I'm sweating in bed panting. I've also got a very picky taste in food. I mean I eat the food I'm given by my parents, but I find it just disgusting. It feels as though I'm eating garbage from a rotten animal. It's unsettling. I've never understood why people looked at me so odd, like their scared of me. That somethings terribly wrong with me. Ever since I was little, I felt the wish to feel normal, to be average, Like my parents. Grow more and more.

My parents. No. The lying strangers, told me the truth. I've been living a lie my whole life. Until recently, my whole life seemed normal. I guess. I just made it seem normal. I took away the things that didn't make it normal. Creating my own false world. I'm not over exaggerating, when I say my parents dropped the biggest 'we should've told you earlier' moment.

My name is Raven Norie, I thought I had the average group of friends, went to the average high school, had the average family. The general average life. What more could I want? I felt normal. I felt human. Until recently. Like I said, my dear step parents told me the truth. I'm their adoptive daughter. A very close friend of theirs asked them to look after me and so they did. They they said, "... Raven, Honey... You're not human.." . The fear sparked and grew. They said that I'm not human. Not even close to being a human. Meaning I'm not average, or even normal for that case. They couldn't even tell me, what I was. They just called me unknown. That's when everything changed. When everything went dark. When I became a different person. Raven Norie, just become Raven. I couldn't keep those liars last name. It made me feel sick. I felt disgusted.

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