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2. Teacher!Laito x Student!Reader (Diabolik Lovers)

After School

WARNING! This chapter contains sexual content. Please do not read if you do not like lemons. Thank you ;)

You were so distracted lately.

So. Distracted.

You were in your junior year, and your life wasn't so messed up at the moment- everything was going good.


"(Y/n), not your best."

You take a quick look at the quiz that Mr. Sakami just passed to you, revealing a 56. A silent groan passed through your mouth as you could hear him snort.

"See me after class, please."

Another sigh was released from your pursed lips and you stuffed the test into your binder.

Math clearly wasn't your best subject. And it certainly did not help that you found the math teacher quite handsome, and was strongly attracted to him- especially sexually. You thought his fedora was quite cute.

The last bell rang, dismissing your fellow classmates. You only remained in the classroom, alone with your teacher. As the last student filed out of the room, he shut the door, and much to your horror, locked it.

"Mi-Mister Sakami?" you stammered, becoming aware of the fact he was sitting on top of the desk, staring you down with crossed arms. You fidgeted a little, blushing.

He sighed, walking over to you, and pulling a chair beside you, slightly behind you. You were frozen stiff.

"Why are you so stiff?" he asked, not amused. "We're only tutoring, y'know."

Your slightly tense arms loosened a little as he pulled out your crumpled test from your binder. He sighed deeply before frowning.

"This is so easy, why did you get this wrong?" he asked again, bluntly.

"B-because math isn't my best subject..." you lowered your face, causing your hair strands to cover your cheeks, which were lit on fire. You also wanted to add, You are the one who distracts me from class.

"Alright, let's start with number five..."

He had rephrased the question differently, which seemed slightly easier than before. You wrote out the equation, then paused.

"What's wrong?" he furrowed his brows.

"I... uh... I don't get this equation... erm..." you stuttered, face red.

"Y-you're too close..."

He glanced quickly at your face, and it took a couple of seconds for your brain to register that you had spoken your thoughts. "I... I mean... uh..."

Mr. Sakami chuckled dryly, which sent chills up your spine. "Okay, let's do this a little differently..."

He casually leaned back in his chair, knitting his fingers. "Let's play a game."

"G-game?" you stammered, eyes widening. "W-what..."

"Every time you get this equation wrong, you'll get punished. If you get it right, I'll reward you specially."


Thoughts began to race through your mind like no tomorrow. What did he mean by punishment? Extra homework? Cleaning?

"Ah... uh... alright..." you say timidly. As your head pulsed and spun around, you began working out the equation with shaking hands.

"I... is this right?"

You point to your final answer, swallowing your saliva to keep your dry throat from begin scratchy. He clicked his tongue.


You groan mentally, while you fidgeted slightly in your chair. He grabbed your chin, squeezing your cheeks with one hand.


He stuck two fingers to your lips, and your mind swirled. What a weird punishment... 

"Suck, bitch!" he hissed, a low growl resonating in his throat as he stuck his fingers into your mouth, moving it back and forth.

"H-hnng... ah..." you flinched as moans escaped your mouth. "M... Mister... Sakami..."

"It's Laito to you, you shit. Now suck."

You did as he told, as you took his fingers into your mouth, coating them with saliva. A little look of dissatisfaction came across your face as it seemed albeit pedophilic, sucking on a teacher's fingers. But you were attracted to him sexually, which drove you to pleasure him every way you could.

You flicked your tongue around his fingers, and he pulled out suddenly, shuddering a little as he scrunched up his face.

"S-solve it again," he said, finishing off the sentence with a somewhat satisfied sigh. You wipe the saliva off your lips with your sleeve, burning up. As your mind swirled around, you couldn't get a firm grip on the question.

The pencil was set down. "It's right now, isn't it?" you said, clinging onto little hope.

"Wrong," he spat out again. "Mm, how many times... I'll have to punish you again, it seems."

"E-eh?!" you take another look at the answer, figuring out what the problem was with it. "Fuck..."

Latio suddenly slid his hands around your waist. He lowered his head to your neck, placing his chin on your shoulder. His chin tilted, and he was now breathing on the side of your neck. 

"W-what are you- ah, AH!"

You moaned as he sucked and bit into your delicate skin, and you knew it would leave a mark there. Another sigh escaped your mouth at the pleasure of his fangs drawing blood out and down your body, as you thought about the questions that would come flying to you the next day.

This time, he bit on your shoulder, somewhat gentle but also rough. You let out a yelp, before sinking back into your seat, watching the blood trickle down your arm. His arms were withdrawn, and so was his lips. A strand of saliva was left clinging between his lips and your shoulders, and he wiped it off with his sleeve.

He sighed. "It's already been thirty minutes, and you haven't solved a single question..."

It's because you're distracting me with all these sexual acts! You wanted to say. N-not that I don't like it...

A part of you wanted to get the question wrong over and over again, to see what the punishment was. You were excited as well as flustered, as you realized your nether region was throbbing. A groan escaped your mouth as you rubbed your temples. If this was the punishment, what was the reward...?

You scribbled around again, determined to find the correct answer.

"This is it, right?" you say, acting confident.

"You sure?" Laito raised an eyebrow, frowning deeply at the paper.

"Yes. Affirmative."

He sighed again, sliding his hand up your shirt, and the other reaching down inside your pants. "Wrong again."


He slid his hand under your bra, flipping it up so it exposed your bare chest to his hand. He groped at your chest, squeezing and twisting your nipple skillfully. The other hand, however, reached under your panties and caressed your throbbing region, making you cry out with pleasure.

"I'm starting to think you're getting the question wrong on purpose..." he murmured inside your ear, biting it gently.

"I... I'm not! For s-su... hnng... ah... nnm..."

Moans began to escape your lips. He slid his fingers up your nether region slowly, and you felt your region pulse. He also caressed your breasts and flicked your nipples, making you cry out.

"L-Laito..." you say between fast breaths. "People... there's... there's people outside. T... they'll hear... nnng... us..."

"Let them, (Y/n)," he growled, his fingers moving faster.

"Ah~ Laito, if you keep doing that, I... I'm going to come~!" 

Don't you fucking dare," he muttered. "Not unless I say so. Keep it in."

"But I can't hold it anymore~!"

All at once, everything stopped. He pulled out his hands from your clothing, before wiping some of your body fluid on you. He crossed his arms, leaning back. "Work."

You frowned, pouting a little. But you went back to work, now for sure that you got the right answer. 

"I got it... is this right?"

Laito took one look at your paper, before yelling, "Correct!"

He pushed you onto the desk, so that you were laying on your back, as he began kissing you hungrily and wildly. Your mind spun as you accepted it. You kissed back timidly, as he suddenly pulled away, saliva dripping from both your lips.

Laito suddenly pulled your shorts off your legs along with your panties. You yelped as he did, and he threw the clothing to the other side of the classroom. He began stripping off his pants and boxers, revealing a pulsing cock that you never knew this skinny man could hide under his pants.

Seeing that he got hard from you made you feel a little more satisfied.

Silently, he rammed it into you, and you cried out in sharp pain, gripping onto his suit. He thrust with such skill that made you wonder if he was a womanizer at heart.

"L-Laito!" You groan, syncing his sharp breaths with yours. "F-fuck...!"

"Shit..." he murmured between hasty breaths, hair falling into his eyes and breaking a sweat. "H... hah..."

"Ah... ah!" You reached your climax as he thrust deeper into you, hitting places your fingers couldn't reach. He stopped abruptly as he slid into you once more, then pulled out. You could feel his hot seed spurting out onto your bare back, adding onto the leftover lust.


You wiped your hot tears and turned to look at your teacher, blushing. He was cleaning himself up as he caught your gaze.

"This was a one time thing," he grunted, after a few minutes of silence. 

"... Unless you want more..."

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