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1. Levi x Reader (Attack On Titan)

Movie Night

WARNING! This chapter contains sexual content. Please do not read if you do not like lemons. Thank you ;)

"I've been waiting so long to watch this movie! It's finally out! Can we please, please, please watch it?"

As you gush, Levi rolls his eyes in mock frustration. He picks out a ten dollar bill, sliding it between the glass pane.

"Two tickets for... that movie, please," he mutters into the speaker, taking your hand in his as he receives two tickets from the cashier.

"You're the best," you giggle, lightly kissing him on the cheek. He shakes his head as he turns away, his cheeks turning a faint, unnoticeable shade of pink in the dark night.

He opens the door to the theater, nodding over to a couple of benches. "Wait here, I'll get the popcorn." And like that, he hurries to the line.

You lightly chuckle to yourself as you check his outfit out today. He looks good in the plaid button down and ripped jeans, and you find his dirty black converse somewhat sexy. Making your way up top again, you notice his collar of his shirt, one button loosened, making you feel more in heat.

Your eyes meet his, and to your attention, it became clear that he knew you were checking him out. Cursing under your breath, you avert your eyes, face burning. You could hear his amused scoff from meters away.

He makes his way to you and you stand up from the bench, laughing nervously. "Don't get the wrong idea, I... I wasn't checking you out."

"You sure? Because there's no one here who looks sexier than me."

You roll your eyes as you link your arms in his. He walks you over into the theater, getting settled in the top row. He sits down next to the wall, and you sit down on the seat to his right. Lifting up the armrest, he slings an arm around your shoulders casually. You lean in towards him, content with everything right now. Setting down the popcorn to the empty seat next to you, you snuggle into his chest, consuming the body warmth.

You look around, and really, the theater is nearly empty. You can see people's heads scattered all around the seats. None chose to sit up in the upper part. You shrug. But that's none of my business.

The lights dim.

The trailers play, and you giggle once or twice, while Levi is all silent. As the movie begins to start, the intro song plays softly in the background, and you sigh contently.

Levi's arm snakes down to your waist, tickling you.

"Levi, what are you doing?" You murmur, half giddy.

Without answering, his hand slithers into your pants, caressing your nether region lightly. You tremble at the sudden lead he was taking. He looks over at you as if needing permission to go any further.

"Levi, what-"

"I'm horny," he says bluntly. "Sorry?"

You sigh, rolling your eyes at the mood-killer move. You tighten up your fist as he begins to toy with your clit, trembling. He rubs his finger around in circular motions, as you grip your left armrest hard. You could literally hear his smirk as he took in the sight of you trying to contain moans of pleasure.

"L-Levi," you choke out. "Not in public. L-later, okay? Ah... ah..."

"I don't know if I'll be turned on later," he suggests in a monotone, carefree voice. "It's dark right now too, and there's not really anyone around us."

"Mmn... what if... what if I accidentally scream? This isn't even a horror movie, it's a romanti... ah..."

You convulse in your seat, squirming as Levi casually slipped a finger in after getting you moist. You groan softly, your nether region pulsing as he pushed in and out of you in slow motions. You gripped his shirt sleeve, biting your lower lip from crying out in pleasure. It was hard not to, since you did it without much thinking at home. But this was in public. What if you got caught? Your head throbbed.

"Ahn... Levi... Stop..." you squirm, clenching your fists down at your legs. 

He purses his lips. "So you want me to go jerk off in that nasty bathroom?" he asks. 

Your eyes immediately fall down to his pants, where it was bulging, and looked as if it was going to burst open through his jeans if it wasn't taken care of right away. You sigh.

As he moved his fingers around inside you, you were trying not to let any noises escape, and you couldn't focus on the movie. It made your head spin.

"S-stop making that noise..." you whimper, face flushing red as you heard subtle squelches. He snorted.

"No, it's sexy."

You grip onto his shirt as he removes his hand out of your pants, sucking on his fingers before his hands snake into your shirt from underneath you. Your breath hitches as he drags his cold fingers along your body and into your bra.

"Ah..." you moan quietly as he begins toying with your nipple and groping you.

In your peripheral vision, you could see a girl, no more than fourteen years old, walk up to the top row, and making her way down the row. Your breath hitches and blood pounds to your head as you fear of being discovered.

"Levi, Levi, stop it... there's a girl coming this way... what if she... mmn..."

"Oi, shut up. It only makes me more excited," he whispers into your right ear, his hot breath only making you feel more excited and pleasured. "She's only a little girl, too..."

"Ah, Levi-!" You gasp out, louder than intended, as he pinched your nipple. You felt his smirk against your cheek. The girl immediately spins towards your voice, staring for a few seconds, before running back down where she came from.

Pleasure floods all over you as you couldn't take it all anymore. You could feel your shorts become soaked all the way through. 


As you trembled after your climax, Levi removed his hand, pulling out of your shirt. He then unzips his jean zipper, pulling his pants down only halfway above his knees, enough for him to pull down his boxers, revealing his erection. "Dammit, but I just came..."

"Hey, (Y/n), c'mere."

He whispers in his husky voice, pulling your arm gently. You station yourself so that his torso was between your legs, and you were facing him. He sighed contently, as he pulled down your shorts and pulled up your shirt, and off you.

"Fuck, Levi, it's cold..." you murmur, shivering for a second.

"It won't be cold when I'm done with you," he whispers, groping your ass, begging you to sit down on him. You slithered your body against him, feeling him grow harder on your back. He licked your stomach and up, sucking on your nipples and groping your body hungrily. You let out a small moan of pleasure, which kept him going. He bit down on your nip by surprise.

"Ah!" you shouted, immediately clasping a hand around your mouth. He only chuckled dryly. "Say my name, say my name..." he repeated, sliding his fingers down your back and all over your body.

"Le-Levi..." you murmured. "Ah... make me... feel good..." you whimpered as he rubbed your region with his length. "Please... ahn..."

You moaned as he slid his thickness inside you, warmth spreading in your abdomen. He held you firmly by your outer thighs, giving your ass a squeeze once or twice, as he breathed against your breasts. Your hands were tangled in his hair.

"Come here..." he exhaled, his breathing becoming faster and faster in pace as you bent down and took his lips in yours. The sound of slapping due to him thrusting against your wet body and the smacking sound of your lips and his only made you feel more in heat and wanted more. He pushed his tongue against your wet lips, begging for entrance as you let him in, welcoming him. He kissed hungrily, his hands now cupping your jaw. He placed wet, sloppy kisses down your neck, making you shiver in anticipation. You groaned as he licked your breasts, thrusting deeper and deeper into you as you tightened around him. His movements slowed as he was close to his climax.

"Ah... fuck," he moaned, gripping you tighter as his face contorts into a pained frown. "Shit, I'm close..." he buries his face in your neck, sucking on your delicate skin. You were sure it would leave a hickey afterwards.

"Fuck, Levi!" You cry out, burying your face in his hair to reduce the noises. "I... ahn..."

You could feel heat draining out of you as you came on him, and he pulled out right after, his white spurting onto your stomach and face. His breathing becomes heavy as he leans back down, panting in exhaustion. You lick off the liquid from your face and fingers, wiping off the excessive with a tissue.

As you got dressed, the dim lights began to brighten.

"Holy shit," you murmur. "The movie is over."

"Sorry?" Levi apologized sarcastically as you jokingly punched him on the arm. "Well, uh... let's get out of here before an employee notices that wet spot over there," he chuckles dryly, pointing to the seat you had made love in. You blush, gripping his arm as he led you down the stairs.

"You dork," you murmur. "I love you."

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