Oneshots (anime)

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3. Haruka x Reader (Free! Iwatobi Swim Club)

Drunk And Disorderly

You sat up on the stool, holding out your ID clearly stating that you were 21. Your cheery and over-excited face would beg to differ but the bartender sighed and shook it off, asking you what you would like to drink. You shifted awkwardly in the seat and looked over at your friend, Haruka, who agreed to take you and drive you home afterwards. He sighed, and hung his head making his dark blue bangs cover his eyes.

"She'll have a normal beer for now," he said in a monotone voice. The bartender reached below the counter and pulled out a beer bottle before popping the cap off. You took the bottle and looked back at Haruka, needing to be reassured. He nodded once and you tipped your head back before pouring the beer into your mouth. Haruka kind of freaked out and carefully took the bottle out of your hand. You wiped your mouth with your sleeve as the tangy liquid filled your throat. You lifted your head again and gave him a questioning look.

"What?" He shook his head, and you could swear you saw the corners of his mouth flick up.

"You can't just chug it, you'll get dizzy and faint. Drink it slower."

You took the bottle and took a big sip before putting the bottle down on the counter. The burning sensation in your throat made you feel a little bit more alive. You shifted again in your seat and nodded your head to the bartender.

"Get him a beer-- er, please?" The bartender pulled another drink out from under the counter and Haruka shook his head. So much head shaking.

"(Y/n) you know I can't drink. I'm the one bringing you home." He muttered and you pouted. He slide the bottle towards you and you took it with emphasis.

"Fine. Sucks for you, dolphin boy." You said, pouring the rest of the first beer in your mouth, swallowing harder than you thought you would have to. He chuckled softly and short, but it made your heart leap. Either that, or the alcohol in your system.

You drank the next beer and slowly began to feel dizzy. You hiccuped and swayed in your seat. Haruka had to order your fifth beer due to the fact that you couldn't even talk properly.

Your eyes were half open and you poked Haruka in the shoulder, hard. He lifted an eyebrow and turned his head just in time to catch you. It all happened so fast. He put his hand on the small of your back and the other on your thigh to steady you.

Your eyes met and you couldn't help but hiccup and open your intoxicated mouth.

"Haru... I-" you hiccuped, "really like... you... Your stoic... looook... and your sexy... voice," you slurred, making him blush faintly and clear his throat. Your blurry eyes caught sight of him leaning into you. You closed them and leaned towards him, feeling a pair of lips make contact with yours. He pulled back and looked at you with eyes full of uncertainty, like he was asking for reassurance. You smiled sloppily and kissed him again.

He pulled away for air and coughed once, grabbing your bag and the car keys, and he put his hand on your back to guide you to the door. You both left the bar and he took you home. You kept whining Haruka's name on the way.

As soon as he closed the front door, his lips smashed into yours. His kisses got rougher, like he was searching for something. He licked the bottom of your lip, asking for permission, which you gladly opened up. His sloppy tongue filled your mouth, exploring every inch, tasting the alcohol that still lingered in it.

Once he observed a little too far, you moaned against him and he pulled away. He began planting a bunch of sloppy kisses on your jawline and down your neck to your collarbone. You moaned again, trying to keep it quiet even though he had a place of his own. You pulled away from him and almost fell over, before beginning to remove the flannel he was wearing. One by one, you undid the buttons until he slid out of it.

You ran your fingers across his toned body, like you had never seen it before. Haruka mentally smirked. He knew ordering you that fifth beer was a good idea. 

Until, you completely passed out during the second make-out session. 

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