Deep sad poetry


1. Chapter I

Hello guys!

So, I'm gonna write some poetry in this movella. It's gonna be about what I feel like writing about. I will update, but only when I feel like it.

I hope you all will enjoy it.

XOXO Katrine

The cuts on her arm

came on the farm

where she grew up

got beaten a lot.

She was always so sad

cause it was her stepdad

who caused her the pain

she couldn’t explain.

She went to bed

buried her head

deep in the pillow

just like a willow.

She was afraid of sleeping

because of the beating

she always got

cause he drank a lot.

Then he came in,

touched her skin.

Curled up crying

thought she was dying.

When he was gone,

knowing it was wrong,

she took the knife

ready to end her life.

She ended the pain,

with no one to explain

how an 11-year-old,

never told

That her stepdad was beating

her wile her mother was sleeping.

Instead she took her life,

with a blunted knife

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