Didn't Know You Knew Me

Emily Rennolds was an ordinary girl. Well...So she thought. Ashton Irwin had been a fan of her YouTube covers ever since his band mates showed him a cover of Over and Over that she had made. He's always wanted to meet her because of her fun personality. Will he get a chance?


7. The Building

Emily's POV

"What is this place?" I asked in awe

"I thought you said that you knew everything about this town." Ash said smiling.

"Yeah, but then I said I was exaggerating." I said confidently. Ashton just smirked.

"Now answer my question." I said.

"We're at an abandoned farm. One of my friends used to live here." Ash said.

"Oh that's cool." I said admiring the farm. The red paint on the wooden doors was starting to chip and parts of the roof were white.

"Why did they leave?" I asked Ash.

"Leave what?" Ash asked.

"The farm dumbie!" I practically yelled.

"Phssh, I knew that. This was a dairy farm and they ran out of business." Ash said sadly.

"That's horrible." I said.

"Yeah." Ash said. Silence hung over us until Ash said,"Come on, follow me." I quickly obliged. I followed Ashton into the farm and up some stairs. As soon as I got to the top of the stairs I was blinded by a bright light.

"Oww." I said bluntly.

Ashton just laughed at me and took me closer to the light. We suddenly came to a stop and I slammed into him.

"Sorry." I said putting my right hand across my body to rub my shoulder.

"It's fine, just look up." Ashton said with a huge smile. As soon as I looked up my jaw dropped. In front of me were acres of land filled with trees, plants, streams, and fish.

"Ashton, th-th-this is beautiful!" I said twirling around the room. The room was literally made out of windows!

"Yeah my friend used to bring me up here when I visited." Ash said. Then I thought of something.

"Wait, how did you see this every time you visited if this is your first time in America?" I asked with an eyebrow raised. Ashton turned to me and then looked at his shoes.

"Ash, what are you not telling me?" I asked.

"Well, I haven't been to America before, but the person who used to live here talked to me a lot." Ashton said still looking down.

"Let me guess, you guys were a thing." I said a little disappointed. Ashton just nodded his head.

"Don't be mad." Ashton said reaching for my hand.

"Why would I be mad. I mean, you're with me now." I giggled.

"We should do something later on tonight." Ashton said

"We should." I agreed 

"Well then, shall I walk you to the car ma'lady?" Ash asked in a British accent.

"You shall." I giggled. 







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