Didn't Know You Knew Me

Emily Rennolds was an ordinary girl. Well...So she thought. Ashton Irwin had been a fan of her YouTube covers ever since his band mates showed him a cover of Over and Over that she had made. He's always wanted to meet her because of her fun personality. Will he get a chance?


2. Texas

Emily's POV

Even though I got a lot of attention on the media it was very different at school. The only way you could not be labeled an outcast was if you played any sports. I hated that people were labeled and pushed around like this. Today was going to be my first day back to school from spring break. My best friend Julian and I went on a trip to L.A for break. It was amazing. It was the first time I had ever felt connected to the world.


I was waken up at 8 A.M by my brothers horrid screaming about pancakes. My brother was only two months older then me, but I still acted more mature then him. I got up and picked my outfit for today I decided to change my style this week. I do this every so often. I grabbed a short, loose, black leather skirt and a white stripped shirt. I then put on my black on black Converse. I then want to the bathroom and curled my dirty blonde hair. After putting on finishing touches like mascara and eye liner I went downstairs to eat breakfeast. 

"Hey mom!" I said with a smile

"Hey sweetheart. You look nice." My mom said while flipping the last of her pancakes

"Thank you, but not as nice as those pancakes." I giggled

My brother Mike then walked into the room. Mike always had his dark black hair in a quiff and was way more sporty then me. He had green eyes with dimples.

"Took you long enough." Mike said sarcastically

"Well perfection takes time Mike,it takes time." I said with a mysterious smirk

My whole family burst out laughing like maniacs. After I ate about twenty pancakes I put my plate in the kitchen sink and told my mom that I had to go if I wanted to catch the bus. I grabbed my vintage Coach backpack and headed out the door. I was about to get on the bus when I heard a male voice shout my name.

"Emily!" It was Julian 

He was running as fast as he could.

"Hold the bus for me!" He shouted

I quickly gave him a thumbs up and got on the bus. 

"Hi Mr. Benson." I said with a cheerful smile

"Well hello there Emily. How's your morning been?" Mr. Benson asked

"My morning has been great, but can you do me a favor?" I asked

"I'm not sure, what is the favor?" He replied

"Well Julian is about half a block down so can you hold the bus a little bit longer?" I said desperately 

"Julian is a good student, so sure, i'll hold the bus." 

"Thank you so much Mr. Benson." I said

He nodded and I went to go find my seat. After finding a seat Julian got on the bus and sat next to me. 

"Hey there Rennolds." Julian said with a goofy smile 

"Hello Mr. Lanson" I replied with a giggle

"Here we come Ranson High School!" Said Julian with cheer in his voice


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