Didn't Know You Knew Me

Emily Rennolds was an ordinary girl. Well...So she thought. Ashton Irwin had been a fan of her YouTube covers ever since his band mates showed him a cover of Over and Over that she had made. He's always wanted to meet her because of her fun personality. Will he get a chance?


6. Mystery

Emily's POV

'So, where are we going?" I asked Ashton while walking down the steps of my house

"It's a surprise!" Ash said

'Ashton, I know you're trying to impress me, but I was born and raised here. I know where you're going before you even know it." I said sassily 

"Well, if you know everything, where are we going?" He asked. I felt the heat rush to my cheeks.

"Maybe I over exaggerated a little bit. But just a little!" I said

"Whatever you say Emily." Ash giggled

We walked down the block to his black BMW. I stopped and starred in disbelief.

" NO FREAKING WAY!" I yelled

"What?!" Ash said worried

"YOU HAVE A FREAKING BMW!" I shouted. Ashton just laughed

"Em, come on." Ash said. I quickly obliged and got into the passenger seat. Right when I got into the car the brand new car smell hit me. I also noticed that the seats were heated (don't need that in Texas) and that the radio had bluetooth.

"YES!" I shouted

"What?" Ash asked

"You have bluetooth." I said smiling wide. Ashton smiled as well and said,"Want to put something on?" I instantly nodded and plugged in my phone. I put my phone on shuffle and the song "Lost in stereo" by All Time Low came on.

"I love this song!" Ashton said grinning

"Me too!"

After about 30 minutes of talking and driving we came to a stop at a mysterious building.

"Here we are."

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