Didn't Know You Knew Me

Emily Rennolds was an ordinary girl. Well...So she thought. Ashton Irwin had been a fan of her YouTube covers ever since his band mates showed him a cover of Over and Over that she had made. He's always wanted to meet her because of her fun personality. Will he get a chance?


3. Ashton

Ashton's POV

It was a hot and sunny in Texas. This was our second to last stop, but was the most special to me. Luke, Cal, and Mike had shown me a cover of a girl singing our song "Over and Over". After that I watched all her videos. I found out that her name was Emily and her bestfriend's name was Julian. Some of her videos were covers and some were just regular videos. She had seemed like she had such a fun personality. In one of her videos her and Julian did the salt and ice challenge and she looked beautiful. Her pretty dirty blonde hair fell perfectly around her face. I had gotten her address from her best friend. I sent him a DM and he said that he couldn't wait. I hope she likes me.

Emily's POV

Julian told me that he had a surprise for me and that I had to stay home til 6:30 P.M. Everytime I asked him what it was he just said and I quote "Hot Australian goodness." So, that is what I am currently waiting in my room for. My "Hot Australian goodness.". I was about to leave because Julian knows that I am an impatient, but was stopped by three knocks on the door. I was walking to the door when I suddenly looked how tired I looked in the mirror. I did the best I could to look presentable in the short time period I had. After my 30 second makeover the only thing that looked bad was my hair. I quickly brushed my curly hair with my fingers and opened the door. I stood at my door looking like an idiot standing there with my messy appearance and my mouth with open. The person in front of me was Ashton Irwin. ASHTON FREAKING IRWIN WAS AT MY DOORSTEP!

"Um, hi i'm Ashton." He said with that beautiful smile of his

"Oh, i'm Sorry, i'm Emily Rennalds." I said feeling dumbfounded 

So this is what Julian meant by "Hot Australian goodness". Wait. How did he know?!

"Do you mind if I come in." Ashton asked nervously, probably because I was looking at him like a maniac. My family was out at some school party.

"Sure, sorry for the mess." I said while Ashton was walking in

"You're house is the most clean place in the world compared to my tour bus Gus." He said

"You named your tour bus Gus?" I asked giggling 

"Yes, do you have a problem with that." He said 

"No, not at all it's just... it's just that you should've given him a better name." I replied

"Oh, so now you're insulting Gus." Ashton said pretending to look hurt.

"Don't put words in my mouth Ashton." I said sounding like I talk to Ashton on daily bases

We both started cracking up. We were seriously having an argument about a bus.

"I'm not trying to sound rude or anything, but what are you doing here?" I asked 

"Well, I saw your cover and videos on YouTube and you looked like a fun and beautiful person to be around." Said Ashton

"Wait, you've listened to my covers." I said eagerly 

"Yeah, me and the boys." Ashton replied casually 

I was freaking out in the inside, but had to play it cool.

"Wow, and also how did you find out where I live?" I asked curious

"Well, your friend Julian told me when I sent him a DM." He answered 

"Of course he did." I said 

A long wave of silence fell over us for a few moments. Ashton finally broke the silence and said

"So, do you want to watch a movie?"



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