Didn't Know You Knew Me

Emily Rennolds was an ordinary girl. Well...So she thought. Ashton Irwin had been a fan of her YouTube covers ever since his band mates showed him a cover of Over and Over that she had made. He's always wanted to meet her because of her fun personality. Will he get a chance?


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Emily's POV

It was just a normal day in Texas. Everywhere you would turn you could feel the sun beating down on you. I wasn't like normal girls in my area. Most girls I know love sports and only listen to the same old pop music. I am the complete opposite, I like music and play guitar not sports. I like pop music with some rock in it like the song "The Ballad Of Mona Lisa". Also I wear skinny jeans and band tees while some girl wear freaking booty shorts and crop tops. To be honest I actually used to be one of those girls, but a band called 5 Seconds of Summer changed me. The first thing that changed was my style, then music, and then the instruments I played. I used to play the violin, but now the guitar has absorbed any extra time I have. My mom always told me that I should start a YouTube channel, but I always thought that was stupid until last year. I noticed that a lot of people that were in the music industry were discovered on YouTube. The first cover I ever did was my favorite song at that time. It was "Over and Over" by 5 Seconds of Summer. I instantly was noticed, but not by anyone big. Until one fateful morning when Ashton Irwin came knocking on my door.

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