4 Guys helps 1 Girl turn bad

This might be the Fan fiction that can be related to how some people have been treated or being treated right now in school. If your the bully, plz stop bullying other people to make them feel small and if your being bullied, stand up for yourself or anyone else that is getting bullied. Don't just stand there, DO SOMETHING TO STOP IT NOW. Everyone has a voice that can be heard by everyone if you just believe in yourself. If you do, than anything is possible spread this message around to people who have been bullied in school or in life really talk to them about it and give them hugs just to make sure that their ok after their ok, leave a comment on how you did that and I promise you that goodness from God will help you in life if you keep on passing good deeds to people. They might pass it on to other people to keep it going around the world. So stay strong, creative in writing these FanFiction and positive for as long as u can think. Make sure to spread Love, Beyond, Belief. From All Souls Unitarian Church. Come and visit. Everyone is welcome.


6. Valentines day surprise

Today is Valentines day and I have no valentine to be with. But I remembered that Luke said after I said I will repay them, is that I have to be one of their girlfriends, and I said I'll think about it. And I've made my choice to choose Michael. So I went to Michaels hotel room and I told him that, I had picked him and so I walked out his room and went to my room. Then later on that day, I hear some knock on my door and saw Michael with Flowers, Chocolate, and a giant teddy bear. I did get him some Chocolate and some Flowers too. Michael and I spent Valentines kissin and eating chocolate🍫. "I thought u were the bad boy of the group, but your like the heartthrob" I said, "Sometimes I can be extremely bad, but I'm just really helpful." Michael said. We just keep on talking and talking and then we went outside with our skateboards and started skating around. But while I was going down a hill, and my skateboard started wobble and I fell. I had scratched my arm, knee, and part of my hand started to bleed.

Quick A/N,

The two last sentences are actually true. I did scrap my arm and knee while my hand was bleeding.

Michael ran down the hill, to come and help me up, and saw that I had really bad scraps. Michael took me back to the hotel and helped me with making the scraps feel much better. Michael went and helped me to my bed by picking me up and carrying me to the bed. I was in so much pain. "Ugh this is so much pain" I said. "It will be all better. I'm sure" Michael said.

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