4 Guys helps 1 Girl turn bad

This might be the Fan fiction that can be related to how some people have been treated or being treated right now in school. If your the bully, plz stop bullying other people to make them feel small and if your being bullied, stand up for yourself or anyone else that is getting bullied. Don't just stand there, DO SOMETHING TO STOP IT NOW. Everyone has a voice that can be heard by everyone if you just believe in yourself. If you do, than anything is possible spread this message around to people who have been bullied in school or in life really talk to them about it and give them hugs just to make sure that their ok after their ok, leave a comment on how you did that and I promise you that goodness from God will help you in life if you keep on passing good deeds to people. They might pass it on to other people to keep it going around the world. So stay strong, creative in writing these FanFiction and positive for as long as u can think. Make sure to spread Love, Beyond, Belief. From All Souls Unitarian Church. Come and visit. Everyone is welcome.


3. In jail

Luke, Michael, Ashton and I was in a prison cell. I just realized that Calum wasn't in jail with us. I ask one of the police man if I can call a friend. They had said yes and I called Calum to see where he was. He said that he was on his way and be there in about 5 minutes. We hung up and I got back in the ceil. I was having a panic attack because I felt like the ceil was closing in on me. I started to get hot, then to sweat, now I started to slid down the wall, then I cried because I thought I was gonna die inside the ceil. I almost punched Michael in the face by accident because I didn't want people to touch. Then Calum came just in time just before I started to punch people. They have gotten Michael, Luke, Ashton and I out of jail and I was happy to get some fresh air and out of that death trap. We all went to my house, I totally forgot my mom was inside. All 5 of us went in and my mom was overprotective again. We started to argue like almost any other mother and daughter would, and I stabbed her and then my father came and I stabbed him. And I just realized what I did and I did mean it. I'm a KILLER. I didn't want this to happen. I feel like Jeff the killer. "I just killed my parents for no reason" I said crying. "Woah like that was totally leg..." Luke said but Ashton cut him off. " I've never killed anyone before and I killed my parents" I said. I went outside to walk and get my mind of what I did and I felt like doing it again but there is another little voice in my head saying stop killing and this time listened to it. It was really cold, it was probably -10 degrees Celsius. All I have on is a jacket and the clothes I had on today. I get up looking around and I saw the guys coming to get me then u started to run and then they started to run. I had ran behind a store. I thought they passed me. I checked to see if they were gone and I felt someone tackle me on the ground. I was in so much pain. "Get off of me!!!" I yelled. One of them had gotten off of me and I dusted off. "What the fuck was that for" I said all sad because I was having mood swings. "Because you were running from us" Michael said "That's because it's really complicated or frustrated. I just can't take it anymore" I said. "What's really frustrated in your life?" Ashton asked. "All of this tragedy of people just uuuggghhh." I said. After the I said that I walked back to the house and went to sleep.

(I know this is a long Chapter this time I put more detail in it Comment, Like, and Favorite. XoXo Ashtonirwinlovergirl)

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