4 Guys helps 1 Girl turn bad

This might be the Fan fiction that can be related to how some people have been treated or being treated right now in school. If your the bully, plz stop bullying other people to make them feel small and if your being bullied, stand up for yourself or anyone else that is getting bullied. Don't just stand there, DO SOMETHING TO STOP IT NOW. Everyone has a voice that can be heard by everyone if you just believe in yourself. If you do, than anything is possible spread this message around to people who have been bullied in school or in life really talk to them about it and give them hugs just to make sure that their ok after their ok, leave a comment on how you did that and I promise you that goodness from God will help you in life if you keep on passing good deeds to people. They might pass it on to other people to keep it going around the world. So stay strong, creative in writing these FanFiction and positive for as long as u can think. Make sure to spread Love, Beyond, Belief. From All Souls Unitarian Church. Come and visit. Everyone is welcome.


11. Back home

We are finally back to the comforts of home with the couches, longer beds, a larger sinks, individual bath rooms, and much more.

I go to my room to unpack and take a nap, it takes me more than an hour to in pack my things. The only thing I didn't bring was my phone cases in which I forgot them. So I finished up packing my clothes to took an hour nap, and had anxiety. I don't know how I got it, but I got it.

Michael and the boys have been seeing changes. Me not eating enough food. Me not getting out of bed. When I'm going to the bathroom, and start cutting myself with a razor, by taking anything with a razor like a pencil sharpener, in screwing it, and taking the razor out and start cutting myself. Sometimes I cry in the middle of the day. I also go to the bathroom and look at the bruises I made on my skin.

I spend so much time with the guys that I never had enough time for myself. I also listen to music, which I love, all the time. Right now I'm never gonna get out of Anxiety, I'm hopeless.

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