4 Guys helps 1 Girl turn bad

This might be the Fan fiction that can be related to how some people have been treated or being treated right now in school. If your the bully, plz stop bullying other people to make them feel small and if your being bullied, stand up for yourself or anyone else that is getting bullied. Don't just stand there, DO SOMETHING TO STOP IT NOW. Everyone has a voice that can be heard by everyone if you just believe in yourself. If you do, than anything is possible spread this message around to people who have been bullied in school or in life really talk to them about it and give them hugs just to make sure that their ok after their ok, leave a comment on how you did that and I promise you that goodness from God will help you in life if you keep on passing good deeds to people. They might pass it on to other people to keep it going around the world. So stay strong, creative in writing these FanFiction and positive for as long as u can think. Make sure to spread Love, Beyond, Belief. From All Souls Unitarian Church. Come and visit. Everyone is welcome.


1. 1st time friends

I'm in a class with a lot of people who is not learning. I'm the most educated person in each class, that's what the principle said to me. But one day, 4 guys came to our class and there names were Luke, Michael, Ashton, and Calum. One of them looks really cute but I like the others as well to. Mrs.Carl assigned them to sit in the back where I was. Just in fact I was the smartest but the shyest. Everyday at the lunch table at school, I just sit alone and I'm used to it now. I wear a jacket that has a pic of Lil Wayne on the back, and everyone said that it came from the dump and stuff. But that day when the 4 boys came, they sat next to me. Some people are finally talking to me. But when they were talking to me the popular girl Amya and her little pimps made everyone look at what she was gonna do. So she pushed my head in my food and poured milk down my jacket and everyone started laughing and i just sat there, cleaning off my glasses with my napkins. The four guys stood up for me. And I felt really good about it. It was time to make a stand for once in my life. And I finally agreed with them for once. Everyone heard my real voice and I'm happy about it. Having people stand up for you or you stand up for them you or they will get good deeds. Then the girls walked away thinking of another plan to destroy me. I sat back down and cleaning my jacket. I had a 2 tattoos. One was a sun and the other one is saying HHIII. My shirt said 5Sos are the Safety pin. My hair was kind of long but not that long. I wanted to cut it but my mom didn't want me to and I didn't want to disrespect her. So these boys were my very first bestfriends since I was born. As the one and only DeDe. 2 D's and 2 E's. I could finally say what I wanna say. I was really sure that I can trust them enough to tell them my personal secrets but I just have to wait awhile to tell them that. "So, DeDe, what do u like about this school?" Ashton asked. Then I said " You guys, because you are the people to stood up for me for the first time. See, I haven't had friends ever since I came here to this school and I thought I will never have friends but when you guys came along it changed, but I know that Amya will come back and get me". "No she won't 'cuz she has to get through us first before she can get to u then." Michael said. "Thx guys, that's freaking awesome what you guys are doing to me." I said. "It's no big deal." Calum said "Yea, we've been through it and we are passing it on to people who have been bullied also like us" Luke said. So we ended lunch with a few laughs and went to our classes.

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