Who wears the trousers now? [May change]

In a world where women are rapidly rising, past equality, and into superiority, how do men react? When the rules of their world are changing as they watch - what can they do?
A/N - The views in this work of fiction do not - I repeat, do not - reflect my own views. I wish for gender equality - not superiority. This is only the first bit of this screenplay. I've never written one before, so I'd like some feedback, please.


3. Scene 3


ELINOR walks down the street, chatting to a couple of her female friends. JENNY - mid-30s, short blond hair - carries a laptop case. CHARLIE - early-30s, noticeably pregnant, long red hair tied in an efficient pony tail - walks beside her. They are all wearing jeans and t-shirts with sensible shoes. They pass several shops - Tesco, M&S, a library. It is quite busy.


Is it a girl? Please tell me it's a girl!


We're not sure yet.


I think it would be nice to have a boy;

quiet, well-behaved - and it would be

delightful to find some really

pretty dresses for him to wear.


Speaking of - I'm gonna propose to Isaac

this weekend!


Bloody shit! That's awesome.


He'll be so excited about the dress.

He loves his dresses. What about your one, Elle?


Oh, he's proving to be a hard nut to crack.

My Jesse is so reluctant to change. He doesn't

understand that his way of life is in the past.


He'll come round eventually.

Hey, look how cute they look!


She points to a young teenage couple walking past in the other direction. The boy is wearing a short summer dress - blue and white striped - and the girl is wearing jeans and an England Rugby World Cup, 2028 top. She has her arm round him, talking. He is looking at her with admiration, smiling and nodding.



Kids these days - they've got the right idea.


Are you being assertive enough, Ellie?

Isaac needed a firm hand to bring

him through his transformation.

Maybe Jesse does to.


Make him feel guilty. That worked for Sandra's Brian.

How 'bout you host a dinner party?

That'll give you an opportunity to 'persuade' him to

cook and wear a dress.


ELINOR thinks about it. She looks unsure.



He's a traditional man. It might not work.


But then again it might. Come on, Elle.

Get your man under control.


A dinner party does sound good. Ok then.

I'll sort out the details tomorrow.


We'll help you pick out the perfect first dress!


The three women head towards a shop entitled The Modern Man - the only man and disappear inside. The display shows male mannequins adorned with dresses, skirts, handbags, jewellery and make-up.



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