Who wears the trousers now? [May change]

In a world where women are rapidly rising, past equality, and into superiority, how do men react? When the rules of their world are changing as they watch - what can they do?
A/N - The views in this work of fiction do not - I repeat, do not - reflect my own views. I wish for gender equality - not superiority. This is only the first bit of this screenplay. I've never written one before, so I'd like some feedback, please.


2. Scene 2


Two men sit at the bar, both holding beers. One is JESSE. He is talking, waving his arms around wildly. The pub is quite empty. A couple of women sit at a table behind them. The bartender, a women, is watching the two men with amusement.



- and then she shouts at me! Like, legit shouts.

And I'm standing there, like what the f*ck's going on? You know?


You should've stood up to her, mate.


ARCHER, the other man, shakes his head. He takes a gulp of beer. JESSE leans his elbow on the bar.



I - I couldn't. She's just...so...she's got so much...


Masculinity? Authority?


He laughs bitterly.



She's not the only one. Look at our society. Our homes, our jobs,

our schools, our government - all overrun with women.


He points to the bartender. She smirks.



Exactly. But what can we do about it?


Well, we can't sit here and do nothing. Be glad you don't have children.

The girls in school are a completely different breed to when we were there.

Vicious, ambitious, ruthless - I heard one boy had been cornered by these

three girls - one of them just grabbed his nuts, right there in the corridor.

I'm telling you, Jesse, I feel sorry for the future of our gender.


I'm more worried about my future right now.


ARCHER puts a hand on JESSE'S shoulder. JESSES slumps in his chair.



Tell you what, Jesse -


He leans towards JESSE, glancing around. The bartender quickly looks away, although she glances back up when ARCHER turns back around.



- there is something we can do. There's this group that

meets once a week, lead by that guy, Lee Miller, you know, the one that

wrote that book - Living in Skirts - satire about gender. Anyway, I've

been to a couple of meetings. We're gonna fight back, Jesse! The men of

our society will rise up!


He punches the air with his fist, causing one of the women behind them to giggle, and the bartender to laugh outright. He lowers his hand, and leans closer.



It's called Men Matter and the next meeting's Wednesday. You should come.


Err...I don't know, mate. I mean, Ellie's very particular about knowing where I am.

She'd never let me -


Come on! You've got to be kidding me! She's got you wrapped

around her little finger. Maybe you're a lost cause already.


He shakes his head sadly and downs the rest of his beer. JESSE looks conflicted.


You're a bloody man, Jesse! Stand up for yourself. This is exactly why

you should come.


I suppose I could make up an excuse. I'll never forgive myself if I

end up like Harry next-door.


That's the spirit! I'll tell you more about the venue when I know more.


JESSE still doesn't look entirely convinced. He twists his wedding ring around nervously.



Ok. Just as long as Ellie doesn't find out.


She won't. Anyway, have you seen what they've done to football?

You have to pay to get a channel that'll play men's football anymore.

It's ridiculous!


JESSE looks relieved at the change of conversation, and launches himself into the new topic with renewed vigour.


Fade out


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