Don't Leave Me

"Ron!" I screamed but he disapparated. I didn't think he would leave us, but he did. I also didn't think he'd become a deatheater, but he did.


2. Ron's point of view

When I disapparated, the last thing I saw was Hermione's face, tear-streaked and sad, her dark eyebrows raised they way they do when she's worried. I felt a pang of guilt, but I quickly erased that image of her from my mind. I didn't need it holding me back. I had gone to Malfoy's manor purposely, because I  had made a decision while Harry and Hermione talked without me. I was going to be a deatheater. I'm not sure why I made this decision, maybe it was because I was angry, or maybe it was because I was afraid of Voldemort, because after all, I was traveling with Harry. Maybe It was because I was going mad, I really didn't know. I did know I wanted to do this, though.

When I was at the gate, Bellatrix greeted me with a sneer.

"BLOOD TRAITOR!" She screamed, loud enough for everyone in the manor to hear.

Lucius, Narcissa, Draco, Frenreir, and Wormtail rushed to her side.

"Weasly?" Draco whispered quietly.

Everyone stared at me from the other side of the gate, because I guess they really didn't know what to do, since I wasn't with Harry.

"I want to be a deatheater," I muttered.

Draco looked at me with disbelief and gave me a slight shake of his head.

"You don't want to," He mouthed.

Bellatrix looked confused, but slightly pleased.

"A blood traitor wants to serve the dark lord?" She wondered aloud, gripping her wand tightly.

She then looked me straight in the eye.


The crowd of deatheaters laughed.

"I'm not lying!" I shouted.

Bellatrix made a pouty face.

"Why didn't you bring Potter then?"

"We got into a bit of a fight." I said hastily, keeping my hand on my wand just in case Bellatrix didn't believe me.

She smirked.

"Oh, friendship! So stupid right? So you'll want a dark mark and everything?"

I nodded.

"Come on in Weasly," She said, opening the gate.

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