Don't Leave Me

"Ron!" I screamed but he disapparated. I didn't think he would leave us, but he did. I also didn't think he'd become a deatheater, but he did.


6. Ron's Betrayal

After driving through the woods for what seemed like hours. Finally, we stopped and I hugged Harry tighter, hoping that we wouldn't be separated. Suddenly I was being dragged outside by my leg. I screamed, but someone clamped a hand over my mouth and I hit the ground with a thud, skinning my knee. A moment later, Harry came tumbling out on top of me, groaning as the deatheaters dragged him across the pavement. Someone grabbed my arms suddenly tied them together behind my back, then forced me to walk. We were headed towards a mansion, and at the gate was no other than the menacing mess Bellatrix Lestrange. She let us in and we stood inside, surrounded by deatheaters, all of which were inspecting Harry. Draco stood in the corner, biting his lip and staring intently at Harry. I knew he didn't really want any of us to get hurt. Suddenly a figure appeared beside him, and a bit of red hair shone in the dim light. My eyes widened and I turned so I was facing them. To my horror, Ron Weasley walked out of the shadows.

"Ron," I whispered without thinking.

Bellatrix turned to me and smiled so wickedly I nearly jumped.

"Well, well, well, you never told me you had a girlfriend, Weasley."

Ron remained silent.

"Well, since your one of us now, I don't think you'll mind if I have a little chat with her, right?"

Ron said nothing. Bellatrix suddenly grabbed my arm and yanked me to the floor.

"Crucio!" She cried, and I let out a mangled scream.

"Ron! Ron please!"

Ron turned away and began down the corridor. Draco followed. I stared after the love of my life as my body filled with pain.

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