Don't Leave Me

"Ron!" I screamed but he disapparated. I didn't think he would leave us, but he did. I also didn't think he'd become a deatheater, but he did.


5. Captured

That night I helped him back to the tent and covered him with my jacket. I then pointed my wand at him and he was suddenly dry, and with the warmth of dry clothes he drifted into sleep. However the sleep was always interrupted by him screaming and shaking, waking up with a terrified expression and looking beyond me, then returning to his sleep. I supposed it was his ability to see into Voldemort's mind messing with him, or perhaps Voldemort was messing with him, but I'd rather not think about that. 

The next day all went by in a blur. I had to explain to Harry that his wand had broken at Godric's Hollow however, and I could see that he was devastated. Of course, like all guys, he tried to hide his sadness, but I left him alone so he could cry without me seeing. Wands are like family members-without them you part of you dies inside. I know that may seem a little exaggerated, but it's so true. I cried and thought about Ron. Another normal day on the run from evil wizards. 

That night, however, something odd happened. I heard a noise from outside the tent, and a voice said, "I think we found them."

I gasped and whispered "Knox," Into the night, and all the lights in the tent went out.

"Hermione, wha-"

"SHHH!"  I hissed, grabbing his shirt and pulling him to the ground.

My heart beat fast in my chest and I clutched my wand tightly. Footsteps came towards the tent, closer, closer...


Terrified, I pointed my wand at Harry and contorted his face. He groaned and I clamped a hand over his mouth, staring into his unrecognizable eyes.

"Trust me." I mouthed, and he just stared at me, fear radiating between our bodies as we crouched on the ground.

The lights suddenly came on and I instinctively pointed my wand at the first person that came in, screaming, "PETRIFICUS TOTALUS!"

The deatheater cast away my spell with a flick of his wand and disarmed me, throwing me completely off guard and giving him time to push me against the tent and get right in my face.

"WHO ARE YOU?" He shouted, spitting on me.

"Penelope Clearwater, halfblood," I said quickly.

Hopefully he didn't know what she looked like and would buy my story. He got closer to my face and I could smell liquor on his breath.

"You look like the missing mudblood to me, sweetheart."

I drew in a breath and tried to stay calm, telling myself I could get Harry and I out of here somehow... Suddenly the deatheater grabbed my jacket and pulled me out of the tent.

"LET GO OF ME!" I cried, thrashing in his grasp.

He pulled me into a headlock and I whimpered helplessly, squirming as he forced me to march to his vehicle. He pushed me into the back and I cried out, falling into Harry. As the deatheaters drove us away, he held me tightly, and I never wanted him to let go.

"We'll make it out of here somehow," He whispered. 

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