The lost unicorn

When Isla wakes up she is all alone.
That is until she finds company and friendship in a unicorn far from home. Isla knows her mission. She must lead them both to a safer place and recover her memory in the process.


3. Dream

That night I slipped into a strange dream. I was standing in a cosy little room, with a fire burning in the grate and serval chairs dotted around. A mat was laid out in front of the fire, on which a small girl with a mass of wavy red hair and intelligent eyes, one green, one blue.

"Hello" I said cautiously, but the girl paid no attention to me whatsoever. Annoyed, I moved closer and saw a dog was running in circles in front of her. It wasn't anything rare or special, but it looked friendly so I reached out a hand to pat it. 

Something strange happened when I tried to touch the dog. My hand passed straight through his skull. A scream escaped my lips. The girl still did not look up. The door began to clatter and the girl lept up expectantly, a smile playing about her lips.  

"Mama?" She called, "Is it you?" There was a loud bang as the door was finally thrown open and a frail, paper white woman stood framed in the door way, revealing the stars in the winter night sky. "Mama!" The girl cried and fell on to her, smothering her in a bear hug. 

"Isla?" The woman said, seeming shocked and surprise, although it was nothing compared to how I felt. 

"I'm sorry miss, I don't know why I'm here, or how I got here, but your  daughter couldn't see me and..." I trailed of, watching as, yet again,      mother embraced daughter. She held her at arms length and said in a low voice " I thought... I thought they took you away from me... I thought... Oh Isla I thought I'd never see you again!" 

"So did I mama, but we have no time. The King's soldiers are merciless, they will come for me again, and next time I will not be able to escape. I should go now, if they find me with you, you will be arrested too!" Said little Isla. 

Her mother had tears shining in her eyes, " my beautiful brave daughter..."she whispered, "where will they take you?"

"They will send me on a boat, to another place. I hope it is better there, but I will be a slave." Little Isla said, lowering her eyes.

"You must stay strong, hide your strength under a mask of innocence, and wait for the perfect moment." Tears began to fall properly, but she continued to speak, "Go now. Face your destiny." 

Little Isla's eyes bro,med with tears. "I love you mama. I will search to the end of the earth to find you again... Goodbye!"

"Goodbye my brave girl, I love you!" The mother called as little Isla retreated through the rickety old door, and ran into the distance. The image faded.

I woke up sweating, and grabbed for a handful of my own hair. I stared at it. It was just as red as little Isla. In fact I was the girl in my dream.

Heloooo everyone

This is actually a pretty long chapter! Hope you enjoyed it!

Love unicorns and cats xox









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