The lost unicorn

When Isla wakes up she is all alone.
That is until she finds company and friendship in a unicorn far from home. Isla knows her mission. She must lead them both to a safer place and recover her memory in the process.


2. Confused

I plonked myself down on a tree stump and proceeded to cry a little more. Shaking my head to clear it I bent down and began to gather fire wood. If I wanted to survive the night this was crucial. Pushing my way through the soft fronds dangling from trees, I searched for some big enough to be my bed. When I finally found one, I wrapped it around my bundle of twigs and set off for a large rock under which I could make a camp. 

As I began to automatically arrange the twigs in a pattern, I wondered about my life. I obviously had good survival skills, although I couldn't remember learning them. I was so frustrated I let out a desperate cry. The only memory I could find, no matter how deep I delved, was my name, Isla. 

I began rubbing sticks together to make a flame. One thing I really wanted to know was my age. I reckoned I was definitely older than 10, and younger than 20 but that was just an estimate. A spark burst from the sticks making me cry out in surprise, but reacting quickly I touched it to the centre of the fire, and soon it blazed in front of my eyes as I casually fed it.

I dragged my "bed" so it was far enough from the fire that it wouldn't catch, but could still feel the warmth. I'd planned to stay up doing nothing, but my weariness took over and I collapsed under the surprisingly thick leaf-cover. I straight away slipped into dreamland. Still completely confused.

hi my amazing readers

i got 61 reads on my last chapter 😆 Thank you for reading my story, it means a lot ❤️ I wrote an entire chapter longer than this one, but it got wiped, so this is my second attempt at this. I was a bit annoyed when it got wiped though... Ok I was really upset and it took all my self control to not smash the screen. I hope you enjoy my story as much as I enjoy writing it! Thank you to and Emress for liking it!

unicorns and cats xox


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