all time low (muke au)

Luke was sad, lonely, and even a little mad. After graduating from school, he didn't know what to do. He didn't know what he was supposed to do. There was no direction, but he didn't know how to go with the flow.

Michael was carefree, happy, and even a little horny, but that was something he kept to himself... most of the time. Michael had waited so long to graduate from his high school. He liked his friends, but after school, he knew he needed time for himself.

For both Luke and Michael, what was awaiting was an adventure. But with Luke being at his all time low, and Michael being at his peak of being carefree, how would they cross paths?


1. 1


Michael woke up to the sound of his alarm clock. He didn't know why it was going off considering he'd been out of school for weeks, but he figured he had scheduled it to go off for some reason. He grabbed his phone, just about to turn the alarm off when he realised it wasn't an alarm, but a phone call.

"Hello?" Michael asked, groggily. He hated mornings, they were actually the worst, but he pushed through this hatred to focus on what it was his best friend had to say.

"Mikey, I need you to come over," he heard Maddy, his best friend, plead. He looked over at his clock to see that it was only two in the morning.

"What the fuck, Mads?" he groaned, laying back in bed. "What's wrong?"

"Promise not to get mad at me?" Maddy asked and Michael covered his eyes, shaking his head.

"Yeah, promise," Michael said, sighing.

"I'm home alone and I was up because my sleep scheduled is fucked, but... there's a kid having a party on my street and I'm really freaked out. They keep knocking on my front door."

"Maddy..." Michael groaned, not wanting to drive across town to get to her house. "Just go to sleep, it'll be fine."

"No, Mikey, please," she begged, causing Michael to sigh. He knew he'd end up driving to her house, but he never liked to give in so easily.

"Fine, fine, I'll be over in ten minutes," Michael told her, wishing he hadn't let the words leave his mouth just as he said them. "I'm going to sleep as soon as I get there, though."

"I just don't want to be alone," Maddy complained, sighing to herself. "I'll see you in a little bit?"

"Yes, I'll be over as soon as I can," Michael told her, rubbing his eyes. "Bye, Mads, see you soon."

"Okay, text me when you're almost here."

"I will, don't worry," Michael told her, laughing lightly.

"Drive safely."

"Says the girl that invites me over at two in the morning," Michael teased, smiling. "I'll be there in a second." Michael ended the call and stretched after placing his phone down beside him. He slowly sat up and began to get out of his bed. He turned his lamp on, immediately closing his eyes and falling against his wall at the sight of the light. "Fuck," Michael cursed under his breath.

Michael tried to hurry, but his movements were slow and his brain didn't seem to want to work. He packed a bag of clothes and threw some needed items for the morning in his bag before venturing out of his room. With his phone and keys in hand, he began to slowly walk down the hallway, to the steps. As he walked down the flight of stairs, he realised quickly how creaky the stairs were getting. Michael wasn't worried about his parents being concerned about him leaving at two in the morning, he was worried about waking them.

Michael continued to slowly walk down the stairs and to his front door where he slipped his shoes on. He exited his front door without making too much noise and was out of his house and in front of his car in no time. Michael got into his car quickly, but took several minutes buckling his seatbelt and looking for the ignition. He swiftly turned his key and started his engine, liking the way his car sounded as it started.

Michael made his way to Madelyn's house, hoping the car ride would be quick.

. . .

As Michael turned onto Maddy's street, he immediately heard loud music coming from father down the neighbourhood. He rolled his eyes as he turned into Maddy's driveway, not blaming Maddy for being woken up.

As Michael stepped out of his car, he saw a group of kids walking toward him. He wasn't scared of a couple drunk teenagers, so he didn't really mind them getting nearer.

"Michael!" One of them cheered as they got closer. Michael's eyebrows furrowed as he looked at the girl that had said his name. He recognised the girl as his neighbour, Bea.

"Bea?" Michael asked, closing the door to his car, loudly. She smiled at him and he looked at the other kids surrounding her. They were all boys and they were all fairly tall and built. "Who's the posy?"

"Mark, Derrick, Tyler, Vince, and Wes," she introduced to Michael, the smile on her face never disappearing. "I just met all of them."

"Oh, my god," Michael muttered under his breath, realising Bea was intoxicated.

"My name is Clark... not Mark." Bea looked back at the smallest one of the boys and I rolled my eyes, grabbing Bea's arm.

"Alright, boys, party time is over. Bea, let's go," Michael said, beginning to pull her along.

"No, Michael," Bea began to say, but Michael continued to pull her toward Maddy's front door. Once Michael was stood on Maddy's porch, he pulled out his keys and unlocked Maddy's door, knowing she probably wouldn't answer a knock on the door. He pushed Bea inside and walked in himself, locking the door as soon as he could.

"Maddy! I'm here... with company," Michael yelled out, sighing. Bea's arms were crossed over one another and she began to pout. "Don't look at me like that, I just saved your ass." Madelyn walked into the front room and stopped as she saw Bea standing there with Michael.

"Bea?" Maddy asked, clearly confused. "Why'd you bring Bea?"

"I didn't, I found her in your yard with a group of guys. She's drunk, she doesn't know what's going on," Michael told Maddy, sighing. He rubbed his eyes, finding himself stressed.

"Bea, come upstairs, you can go to sleep in my bed." Bea nodded and began to follow Maddy, walking unsteadily as she did. Michael shook his head at the both of them and walked down the hallway and into the kitchen. He walked to the fridge and took a soda from one of the shelves. He popped it open and hopped onto the counter, leaning against the cabinets. Just as the cold can touched his lips, he heard a knock on the door. Michael sighed and set his can down on the counter beside him. He slid off of the counter and walked out of the kitchen, down the hallway, and to the front door.

Michael peeked through the peephole to see a tired looking guy, with what looked like a black eye. Michael sighed, reluctantly unlocking the door and opening it slowly.

"Do you realise what time it is?" Michael asked the guy, taking in his features.

"No, I don't. I lost my fucking phone, or, I should say, I got my fucking phone stolen and I barely know where I am. Can you please tell me what time it is?" The guy asked and Michael arched an eyebrow at him.

"It's almost three in the morning," Michael said, crossing his arms.

"Shit," the guy cursed, shaking his head as he placed his hands over his face. "Did you happen to be at that party?"

"No, I was not."

"Do you know a kid called Thomas Good?"

"No, I don't," Michael said, tired of talking to this guy. "What's your name?"

"Luke... Luke Hemmings."

"I would let you come in, but this isn't my house..."

"Are you robbing this place?" Luke asked, gasping.

"Are you drunk?" Michael asked, concerned for the guy's well-being.

"No, not that I know of..." Luke told him, shrugging. "I just got robbed, though, so I was hopping you were the person that gave me a black eye."

"Why would you want me to be the person to have given you a black eye?" Michael asked.

"Well... I would really like my phone back, so I would've found the person who took my phone..." Luke trailed off, beginning to feel as if he wasn't making sense.

"You know what? You can come in," Michael told him, stepping aside to let Luke in.

"Are you sure?" Luke asked, surprised. "If this is your girlfriend's, or boyfriend's house, they might not want a stranger-"

"Would you just come in?" Michael asked, gesturing him in. Luke took a step inside the house and looked around.

"All these houses seem so nice," Luke took note, knowing the party he had just been at was also at a very nice house.

"Well, everyone on this street could afford using money to wipe their asses, so... yeah. Most of these houses are nice," Michael said as he shut the door behind Luke.

"Uh... Michael, who is this?" Madelyn asked as she walked into the room, staring at Luke.

"So, it's Michael," Luke said, smiling.

"Luke, this is Madelyn. Madelyn... Luke," Michael introduced, laughing lightly. "Luke's phone got stolen and he's a little lost. I figured we were the only people on this street willing to help the kid out."

"I'm not willing," Maddy said, crossing her arms. "I want him gone in no more than ten minutes, Mikey." She turned on the ball of her foot and walked out down the hallway, disappearing.

"Don't mind her," Michael told Luke.

"Definitely a rich kid... huh," Luke said to himself, crossing his arms. "I guess I'll leave you be, then..."

"No, no, you don't have to. I can give you a ride home, if you want."

"You know, I'm kind of concerned that you're not worried that I might be planning your death or something," Luke said and Michael shrugged.

"If a giant, blond guy with dimples is going to be the death of me... my life is meaningless," Michael said, laughing.

"I have a lip ring, though... I'm dangerous," Luke said and Michael scoffed.

"Do you want a ride home, or not?" Michael asked.

"Please," Luke said, nodding.

"Mads, I'll be back soon!" Michael yelled out. "Now," Michael began, opening the door, "tell me just how you got yourself in a position where you received a black eye and got your phone stolen."

. . .

"Every girl there was practically undressing all the guys and it was just... sickening," Luke said, explaining the party to Michael. It had been about thirty minutes and they had arrived at Luke's house, but they had already spent about twenty minutes talking to each other. "Weirdest party I've ever been to."

"Well, once, I went to a make out party. Those are fucking strange. No one was even dating each other, we switched people after every like, ten minutes and I think I ended up kissing every girl I knew after three hours. I even kissed a couple guys and they were way better at kissing than the girls." Michael made a small gagging noise and Luke laughed.

"I haven't been to many parties... I just got done with secondary school and I wasn't really into partying. I threw a couple, but I usually just let my house get wrecked whilst I laid in bed," Luke said, laughing at himself for sounding so pathetic.

"I don't blame you," Michael told Luke, shrugging. "Parties can be a bore. But only when you're sober, which is a rarity for me." Michael laughed and looked down at his hands. "Well, I should probably get back to Madelyn's. She's gonna flip shit once I get back."

"Oh, yeah, sorry. I didn't mean to get you in trouble with her," Luke apologised, hovering his hand over the handle on his door.

"Oh, no, it's fine. She's bitchy most of the time," Michael told Luke, truthfully. "I can't get her to ever be happy."

"You know, it's obviously stereotypical for rich kids to be perfectly trendy and into all the new shit or whatever, but... she doesn't seem to fit the part when it comes to her looks. I'm pretty well off and I hate to say that I'm even stereotypical most of the time."

"That's because she doesn't fit the stereotypical 'white-girl' rich kid," Michael told him, laughing. "She's been memorising the different shades of black for years. She literally has a fetish for the colour black."

"I like black," Luke said, causing Michael to laugh.

"Me too, man, me too."

"I didn't realise there were different shades."

"Oh, you would be surprised at how many there are. I think there's twenty, which isn't too many, but black should just be black, you know?" Luke nodded, agreeing. He smiled at Michael, realising just how much he liked talking to him. Michael was good company. "This is such a fucking random question, but do you have plans? I mean, since you're out of school now."

"No, I can't say I do. I hate it, honestly, I'm usually as organised as I can be, but..." Luke trailed off, not knowing what to say. He sighed and shook his head. "I don't know, right now what I care about most is waking my parents up and telling them my phone was stolen."

"Well, hey, I hope life gets better for you, man." Michael laughed, lightly. He felt bad for Luke, but he still found it funny that he had gotten punched just for a crappy phone.

"Do you have any plans?" Luke asked, after opening his door. He didn't bother making eye contact with Michael, and Michael found that strange.

"I've got plans... but they're not the kind of plans people want to follow. College isn't right for me," Michael said, waiting for Luke to look at him. "Or at least I don't think it is."

"My life is shit... I have no idea what I want to do with my life," Luke said, shaking his head. "And I don't know why I'm telling you this..." he trailed off, laughing. "See you -maybe- never," Luke said, starting to get out of Michael's car.

"No, wait, Luke..." Michael called out, having no reason to. Luke looked back at Michael, waiting for him to say something else. "This might be fucking girly to you, but," Michael began as he rummaged around his car for a pen. Once he found one, he pulled Luke's hand back into the car and quickly jotted down his phone number. "Just if you need some guidance... or a list of things not to do. Talking to me can really make you feel good about yourself."

"You know what? I'll definitely call you sometime," Luke joked, staring down at his hand. "See you around, Mike."

"Bye, Luke." Once Luke had shut the door of Michael's car, Michael smiled, genuinely smiled. Luke seemed like he didn't have much self-esteem, but he couldn't blame him. Getting closer to being adult was scary.

Whilst Michael thought about Luke and being an adult, the only thought on Luke's mind was Michael. Something about Michael really made Luke interested. Maybe it was the streak of black in the middle of his hair, which would make anyone else look like an actual skunk whilst Luke personally thought Michael pulled it off. Or maybe it was the way he was dressed in black jeans, black converse, and an All Time Low band tee that Luke couldn't stop thinking about. Luke didn't know, but he couldn't express how happy he was that the ten digit number that was on his hand was Michael's. He hadn't even learned his last name, but he was already one of the best people Luke had ever met. Luke didn't know why he felt that way, but he couldn't wait to see if he were right or not.


Hello! So really quickly I'm going to kind of explain how this story is going to work. It will be in third person, but if you see a name at the beginning of a chapter, it will mostly be focused on that person. Like you just read, it was mostly about Mikey, but I shared a couple of Luke's thoughts with you. That's how the entire story will be. I don't expect this story to be long and this is probably going to be the longest chapter unless I change my mind and begin typing long chapters. I'm really bad at typing short chapters, though, so that might end up happening. I was planning the first chapter to be less than 2000 words but now it's 2700, so that isn't really working out for me, haha.

Okay, I think that's really all I need to say. OH AND yes Thomas Good is a play on words of Thomas Hood. Lol, okay, bye!! 😂

Mandi :))

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