Locked Secrets

New girl, new school, new community. Percy Jodees- age 16 is the new girl at Chelsenta Boarding school for girls. She becomes popular. Everything seems just great right? Nope! Until previous popular girl Tanisha Ashford comes in, she does not like this! So she forces me into a sorority group. Or else she'll reveal my darkest secret. "Everyone has a secret. And I know every one of it!"
So Percy joins. Some gets killed, and she sees it. Is it too late to back out now? Or will SHE be next?
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4. Chapter 4: Follow the lines and all is revealed.

Chapter 4: Follow the lines and all is revealed.

I was deeply suspicious of Tanisha and Lauren’s plan so I came up with an idea with Elise.

“Is it just me or does it feel like something is about to go wrong?” I asked.

“Nope, you’re right!”

“Ok, I have an idea. We could just follow them to make sure.”  I continued.

“Are you crazy perce? Well you must be crazy! Do you know how dangerous that girl is? Well I don’t think you know! I’ve have been at this school for almost 2 years and you do not want to know what that girl is capable of!” Elise yelled, clenching her arms on my shoulders, shaking me continuously.

“Ok! But I have a tingling feeling so like it or not, we are going!” I pulled Elise’s arm and climbed down the ladder.  Lauren’s shadow passed by.

“Hide! Hide!” I whispered. They walked past the glass house, putting their hoodies on to protect their identity. They entered the back of the boarding school where the basements were with the school equipment and extra uniforms.

“What are they doing there?” Elise whispered.

“How would I know?” We walked towards the back of the door of the school basement and there were more than 2 voices.

“I told you i would deal with you one day. You were too stupid to believe it!” Tanisha yelled.

“What are you talking about?” A voice asked.

“That sounds like Leyha!!!” Elise yelled. “But why is she there with Lauren and Tanish?” Elise continued.

“That little meeting we had! She mentioned something about everyone having problems with Leyha.” I replied.

“That school play you ruined! Bring back any memories?!” Tanisha yelled.

“Ugh! That! It’s not my fault I reacted or had feelings to a situation like that. You would have responded worse than me.” Leyha laughed.

“How dare you?!” Lauren yelled. She slapped her with huge force, her fingernails digging into Leyha’s cheeks.

“That’s all you can do? Go on then! Slap me some more. That isn’t going to stop me from telling the whole world your little secrets.” Leyha laughed evilly. Tanisha pulled a long wire, dragged it across the floor and then walked behind Leyha’s back. She twisted the wire into her hands and then pulled it against Leyha’s neck.

“Tanisha! Stop! She’ll die! And that’s not what we want. We just want to deal with her!” Lauren screeched.

“Listen to your friend why don’t ya?” Leyha smirked.

“Ok that’s it!” Tanisha clenched her fists, giving Leyha several punches to the face. Blood drooped down from Leyha’s eyes as she laughed continuously.

“Ok, our job is down here! Come on Tanish! Let’s go wash your hands.” Lauren held Tanisha in one hand and dragged Leyha in the other.

“Bye idiots, I will tell the police everything.” She laughed. Lauren pushed Leyha with force.  She fell backwards and hit her head on a rock. Blood gushed down her forehead as she lied on the floor in the cold.  Lauren knelt down to feel Leyha’s pulse.

“It stopped! Tanisha! She’s not breathing!”

“It’s no biggie, she must have just fainted or something. After all, that’s what she deserves!” Tanisha laughed. They pushed the body into the dirt, digging up a huge hole with blood drooping hands. They rolled the body in and then covered it with sand. Tanisha and Lauren walked away, their hands drooping down with blood and mud.

Elise and I stood there. Frozen and shocked about the past event that had just occurred.

“What did I say?” Elise yelled, tears drowning her eyes.

“I’m so sorry.” I sniffed. We walked back to our dorms, our feelings and emotions paralysed. I had a nice and long sleep but memories kept pouring back of Leyha’s terrible torture.

The day was about to begin and I wasn’t myself. Everything to me was upsetting even in the happiest of moments. I found out that me and Elise got an A* in the lab investigation but for me that was upsetting. My thoughts were drowned by Leyha’s tragic death. The lessons were over so I went to my locker to get my text books until I received a message from Tanisha.

“Hey girls, there’s been a problem with Leyha and Lauren and I need your help desperately. So come over to the glass house and we’ll talk over it!” – Kisses (Tanish).

It was obvious Tanisha was trying to drag Elise and me into the murder case so I decided to alert Elise of the up-coming event. As it was lunch, I decided to look for Elise’s dorm and inform her about the meeting. I took out my phone and sent a message to Elise.

“What is your dorm number?”

“Straight down to the left and then dorm 241.” I arrived there and knocked, making sure I wasn’t invading her privacy. 

“Come in. It’s ok.” Elise spoke.

“So what’s so important that you couldn’t wait till the meeting?” Elise asked.

“That’s the thing. If Tanisha hears that we know about you know what, we are in big trouble! You must have got the message, didn’t you?”

“No.” We looked at our phones screen, then at each other and then back again.

“Oh, erm, maybe it was just a sending mistake. She must have forgotten or something.”

“Anyway, so what is that message about?” She asked, starting to look perplexed.

“Well she messaged me saying that there had been a problem with Leyha and she and Lauren needs help. It’s so obvious that if the police finds out, she will be able to drag us down with her.”

“Wow? That girl! How dare she? I say that, she’s capable of anything!” Elise laughed.

“So what are we going to do? Go to the meeting or not?” Elise continued.

“That’s why I came over here. I seriously have no idea.”

“I guess we’ll have to decide before going over there. Let’s talk over it at break. Right now, I need to get ready for class.” Elise smiled, looking down at her watch.

“Ok. Thanks for your time! I appreciate it.” I walked out of Elise’s dorm, totally mindless of what to do. Whether going to the meeting was going to be a downfall, that was something we needed to have decided before the night.

My chemistry class was over and it was time for break so I messaged Elise of were to meet.

“We can talk over the you know what at the corner of the lunch hall.”

“Cool. Meet ya there.” I grabbed my things and headed towards the lunch hall to meet Elise. I decided to drop by the washroom before going to the lunch hall. I pushed the door open, girls chattering and giggling. I came out 4 minutes later, approaching Elise.


“You look a bit stunned, are you alright?” Elise asked.

“Well I’ve been thinking over it…” I answered.

“What do you think Tanisha wanted to get out of Leyha?” I whispered, leaning close and making sure no one had heard.

“Well, when Tanisha wants to know something, she has to know it.”

“But what has Lauren got to do with it?!” Elise mumbled. By this time, Tanisha walked in, with dazzling heels. She could hardly walk. She leaned onto our table and pulled a chair out.

“I heard my name.” Our lips hung down.

“Something wrong? What, Cat bit your tongue?” She giggled.

“Err… no.” We could hardly get words out. She stood up, shoved the chair in and then stomped off. We both sat there, I and Elise, stunned of what had just happened.

“What was that?” Elise whispered.

“I don’t know. But what I do know is she was listening.”

“Our own little body guard. How cool is that?” Elise laughed sarcastically. 

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