Locked Secrets

New girl, new school, new community. Percy Jodees- age 16 is the new girl at Chelsenta Boarding school for girls. She becomes popular. Everything seems just great right? Nope! Until previous popular girl Tanisha Ashford comes in, she does not like this! So she forces me into a sorority group. Or else she'll reveal my darkest secret. "Everyone has a secret. And I know every one of it!"
So Percy joins. Some gets killed, and she sees it. Is it too late to back out now? Or will SHE be next?
Read now...


2. Chapter 2: Chosen

                                   Chapter 2: Chosen

I walked into school with a smile on my face, despite what had happened with Tanisha. It was a new day so I decided to forget the previous day.  It was time to get to my P.E class so I changed and then went into the main hall where everyone were in their places to start the game of Dodge ball.

We were put into teams by the coach and it was time to begin. Luckily, Tanisha and I weren’t put in the same team but I guess my luck was going to back fire.  I dodged almost every ball headed towards me until it was Tanisha’s throw. She threw the ball with all her might, lifting her from her feet as the ball flew in speed.  Suddenly, everything felt hazy and moved in slow motion and soon, all went out….

I found myself on the nurse’s bed in the first aid room.  It was obvious that Tanisha had a big problem with me so I decided to approach her. “Can I talk to you?”

“No! Can’t you see I’m busy? Where are your manners?!” She yelled starting to get angry.


“I’m sorry alright?! It’s just really hard to go around school knowing that nobody follows my rules anymore!” She wept.

“Well maybe we all have different rules.” I said trying to comfort her.

“Thanks! You’re so kind! Come over to my party tomorrow. No one else invited.”

“How is it a party if…?” She walked away before I could finish my sentence. The next day was a normal day. Get to class, go have a shower and then to the next class. By the time I got to my locker, there was a piece of paper stuck in the locker door. “Glass House: 2:30am. Dress code: All black and try and bring a hoody. “

“A hoody? All black? Is this some kind of funeral?” But I still went along with the plan. It was 2:20am and I decided to leave so I could get there in time. I arrived there and it was pitch black.

“Come on up.” A voice beckoned. It was dark and i could hardly see anything in front of me but i tried to climb up something which seemed to be a ladder. There sat a person with hair colour the same as the background around us.

"It’s me Tanisha." Said a voice.

"I'm Lauren. Lauren McCliners, head department of Fashion trends." Said another.

"I thought this was a party." I said with curiosity.  It was harder because the whole room was pitch black. I finally found a switch to switch on the light until i was stopped. The next thing i knew, i got a hard jab to my arm. Blood gushed out as i tried to keep my balance. It was obvious that we weren't supposed to be there at that time or it was something secretive that we were doing.

"Give us a sec please." Tanisha said, trying to grab Lauren into the other room. There were mumbling voices as I and the other unidentified girl sat waiting.

"I'm Elise by the way."

"Percy. Percy Jodees."

"Oh the schools new girl, everyone’s been talking about you." She said laughingly.

"I know! What is with that?!"

"Apparently, you are one of the richest students even though none of your parents work. SO everyone is trying to take their chance and be bffs with the rich girl."

"Oh that! I left my old school because of that! I just hope it dies down." By that time i finished my sentence, Lauren and Tanisha came up with a cup of juice.

"Drink my fellow sorority members. You will need it for tomorrow." I woke up the next day, feeling quite drowsy and i couldn't remember a thing!


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