Locked Secrets

New girl, new school, new community. Percy Jodees- age 16 is the new girl at Chelsenta Boarding school for girls. She becomes popular. Everything seems just great right? Nope! Until previous popular girl Tanisha Ashford comes in, she does not like this! So she forces me into a sorority group. Or else she'll reveal my darkest secret. "Everyone has a secret. And I know every one of it!"
So Percy joins. Some gets killed, and she sees it. Is it too late to back out now? Or will SHE be next?
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1. Chapter 1: New beginnings

    Volume 1

       Chapter 1: New beginnings

To everyone, moving from a new school to another was a new start, a new beginning and a chance to start afresh. That wasn’t always made true in every situation…

It was my first day at Chelsenta Boarding school for girls. New friends, new teachers, new community. New everything. As i walked into the narrow hall, a bunch of girls approached me with designer bags. “Omg, Percy right?”

“Yes?” I replied with a bewildered look plastered across my face.

“That is such a cute dress! And the way you styled the school uniform with a chic bow on your high pony tail is really fashionable. You know, you should sign up to be part of the schools fashion trends.” She smiled, pushing a clipboard into my face.

“Thanks, I guess…” I replied, trying not to offend anyone on my first day. As I walked down, everyone treated me as if i were some kind of celebrity.

“Hi Percy!” A voice shouted out.  


“Omg cute outfit!” Squeaked one.  Everything was going well for me. Except for one girl. Tanisha Ashford, the dominator of the school just before I arrived and took over.  She was eyeing me for the whole day.  I walked over to my locker. Took out few things and was about to leave until I was rudely interrupted by the schools old popular girl. She forced her elbow against my neck, pushing it hard as I tried to gasp for air. “Everyone has a secret. And I know every one of it!” She released my neck as I chocked for precious air.  As she walked away, her shadow faded away into the distance…

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