Who ever thought an 14 year old girl could become a spy?
Not Skyler until she is recruited to be one!
How will her life go?
Will she manage to keep the secret from her friends?

Find out by reading this book


2. Road to hell

"Mum can we switch on the radio?" I moaned

"No," she replied.

"Why?" I asked, placing my head on the window.

"Well we are going through a dodgy part of town wear cars get taken," she worried, licking her dry lips.

"Well I don't know if you have noticed but we are driving no-one is gonna take the car," I reasoned

"We?" She laughed

"Well you... But still,"I chuckled

"Have you ever heard off people who try to stop the car and then jump in?" She asked, concentrating on the road.

"Yes. Where are we even going?" I wondered, watching her luscious, soft, blonde hair blow in the wind while she wound the window down.

"Grandmas," she replied

"Oh," I say as the smile on my face disappeared.

It's not that I don't like my grandma ( I love her) it's just that her mum died and whenever I see her she is always upset and it makes me upset for her to see her like that. Silence. That was the rest of the car journey. Until...

"We can turn on the radio now," she smiled, slowly pressing the button

"Agh yes it's my favourite song: Starships," I clapped , singing along to the song

My mum started to sing along to. My mum was one of those mess around people who could always take a joke and she never took anything serious. That's what I loved about her. I watched the world pass by throughout the window and all off a sudden that world started to slow down. I quickly looked at my mum to give her that look what's happening and she quickly pointed at the gas. We're out of gas. Slowly, she got out of the car and started to ring dad. Quickly, I dug into my bag and grabbed my phone. Amilia texted.

Amilia is one of my best friends. She has Aurburn hair , brown eyes and is such a girly girl it's untrue.

Amilia: Hey are you coming to that party tonight xoxo

I quickly type back

Skyler: Doubt it turns out were staying at nans tonight and we just ran out of gas. Amazing! X

I lock my iPhone and put it back tucked away in my bag.

"I have no service but there is a gas service down the road are you ok here by yourself, I won't be longer than 5 mins?" she asked.

"Of course," I smiled, locking the car

I watched her tiny legs run down the road as she got smaller each time I blink until she was only just a spec in the background. So I know what you are thinking. Leaving a 14 year old girl in the car at night. Bizzare!! But actually in the town that I am in your aloud to stay home alone when your 10. I looked at the leaves dancing round the car and then started to do cart wheels in the car. I love nature! I can name every flower on this earth only because when I was little I used to watch Winx Club (a TV program) and the flower fairy was an inspiration to me and that's when I believed that magic was real but I gave up in that 4 years ago.

All of a sudden, the bushes started to russle and a man started to walk up to the car but then that man doubled as there was a man behind him and then he tripled. I gulped. My face drained it's colour and I started to breath really heavily. The window was open a bit and so I sank into my chair and put the jacket over my face.

"Get out of the car," he screeched.

I just ignored him and my face drained even more. It was as ify face was one of those beverages at a party that everyone wanted but when it ran out of the soda it ran out.

"I won't tell you again, now get out," he said

This time his voice came even lower and more aggressive.

"Get.. Out," he repeated.

All of a sudden, a bullet went through the window which caused the glass to shatter into a million pieces. Quickly, I got out and I tried to catch my breath but it was as if someone had taken it from me.

"Good girl, now grab her," he chuckled as his devilish smile spreads across his face.

The other two men came at me. Suddenly, he put his hand over my mouth and firmly wrapped his hand around my waist. The other guy grabbed the keys out of my pocket and chucked them the leader of the group. Suddenly. I kicked him in the (rude place) and the he let go and as soon as he did that I hit him across the face that made him un-conscious. The other two guys came at me and one swinged a punch but then I grabbed his arm, twisted it and then locked it on his back and then the other guy chased after me through the forest.

Quickly, I ran as fast as I could thought the trees but I couldn't keep running or else he would get me or I would get lost so I had to stick up for myself. Cleverly, I ran up a tree, did a back flip of the tree and then knocked him out with one clear punch. I fell to the ground.

"I can't believe I did that," I breathed trying to catch my breath back like it was a game of piggy in the middle. Finally, I got my breath back and dragged the guy by his feet back to the car he was really heavy. When I got back my mum was there in horror. Gobsmacked, horrified and worried, she ran up to me and gave me the biggest hug possible.

"What happened?" she asked, still being hugged in her tight arms.

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