Who ever thought an 14 year old girl could become a spy?
Not Skyler until she is recruited to be one!
How will her life go?
Will she manage to keep the secret from her friends?

Find out by reading this book


1. Introduction


I am Skyler. I am just your normal, typical girly girl.I am a black belt in Karate and I am the cleverest in my school. Now I know I am only 14 and it seems highly impossible but it's true. So either I am just really clever or all the people in my school are not as bright. So probably as you can see I get bullied : geek, ugly , to skinny. But I have amazing 4 friends who back me up and have never left my side. Now onto looks...

I'm not exactly your next Megan Fox or Ariana Grande but I like the way the way that I am: I have ombré hair (brown and blonde) , blue eyes and freckles. I have an older brother ( who is one of the most popular guys in school)

Anyway I am gonna stop there because I am probably boring you enough

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