The Story Behind The Selfie

For the Selfie competition, a photo I took on Risk Night, and the story behind it.


1. The Story Behind The Selfie

This photo was originally taken on the 7th of November, 2014.

I took it, me being the only girl in the photo, at my life long friend, Josh's, house, half way through the evening. There are a lot of emotions in this image. I remember this night so well because it was the second of the Risk Nights - of which we've had about five or six of in total. It was planned within twenty four hours of it happening, and the only other girl in our group, Alex, couldn't make it. In the photo, is Kayne, on the left, grinning (this was one of the last events he attended with us, before slowly disappearing from our friendship group, and so it's a nice memory to have of him), Michael, above him (he sat in my seat for this photo, and I remember he refused to move out of it for another five minutes while I mock-sulked). Also, the blonde at the front is Josh (who has never taken a serious photo in his life), and the boy behind him is Sam. Sam, in this photo, looks pretty unhappy, and I guess that's because there's always a point in every event we plan in which he just stops caring. I think this photo was taken a few minutes after that. 

I love it anyway. I love that I'm actually smiling properly - actually happy in this moment, with my friends. I'm not knowing what's going to become of us; not knowing the future and the issues we're going to face; not knowing that Kayne is going to leave out of practicality, not out of dislike. I love that I remember strange things from that evening, just by glancing at this image. I know that the cake stand in the lower left hand corner was originally filled with fairy cakes that Josh's little sister had made for us, and that the squash in the bottle and in Josh's hand is actually the most disgusting squash I've ever tasted. I remember the playlist we played; the dancing to Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up, the ride home in the car and falling into bed happily.

Maybe it's not a very well lit photo, and maybe Sam looks likes he's done with all of us. But it was one of the last good nights before everything really changed for us. Saying 'the end of an era' feels too cliché, so I'm going to say that it was the end of our time, knowing that everything was okay, and all right, and that we weren't going to split up over anything. 

We look so damn happy.

We don't have any clue as to what's ahead.

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