Right From The Heart

Poetry about everything I feel strongly about. In simpler words, this collection of poems are about who I am, what i've been through and what I stand for. These are writings from my heart, and they ARE, right from the heart.


7. Unlit Flame

It's not much of a life you're living, stumbling about

Wide eyed gaze trying to find the piece you're,


Something tells me you're only here 

For the short ride,

must have been the dead worlds in your eyes. Or the silent

way your words fall, like crisp leaves in the autumn chill 


Lost their fiery blaze

To the wind.

Keep living like you've got hope for the days you're


Or like the rainbows dancing in your fear,

When you told me the entrance was clouded with fog.

You're the matchstick tattoo on my pinky and the flame's

your future, but you're too worried about the aftermath that's

the burning wreck. 

What you don't realise is if you don't 

Light it soon, a nearby spark is going to catch you into




Hi guys, another one up! Again, thanks for taking the time to read and I hope you liked it. Like and comment below to share what you think could have inspired this :)

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