Right From The Heart

Poetry about everything I feel strongly about. In simpler words, this collection of poems are about who I am, what i've been through and what I stand for. These are writings from my heart, and they ARE, right from the heart.


5. Tsunamis

You told me forgetting you would be easy,

So why am I taking more time than I should need?

Told myself to shut it out and throw the away the key,

But maybe time to forget doesn't come for free.

These echoes of dreams i've had about you lately,

are growing;

like gardens blooming from the dormant black hole

in the corner of my mind.

It's been eight full moons and a freckled crescent since

I saw you last,

But it feels like yesterday,

When my sky darkened.

Morning light never speeds up high tides reaching the bay

but life goes on while the clocks tick away. 


Only a short one today, nevertheless, like and comment to tell me what you thought!

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