Right From The Heart

Poetry about everything I feel strongly about. In simpler words, this collection of poems are about who I am, what i've been through and what I stand for. These are writings from my heart, and they ARE, right from the heart.


3. The Ending

I'm no expert on love,

But I know those people who put it into words,

are on the right lines;

It wasn't the feeling of a million caged butterflies,

fluttering, pleading to see the sun,

It wasn't the heart in my chest or the clouds of my breath,

That didn't know where I was running to.

It wasn't exchanging words under the darkness,

With the moonlight shining 2.AM

It wasn't seeing galaxies and hearing melodies in

every glance and touch shared.

It was starting every poem and story without writing an ending.

It was pouring all I had into an overflowing sink,

filled with tears collected from the last monsoon,

It was splattering paint onto an

empty canvas that refused to show colour,

because it didn't know how to display the finest art that could have been.

It was having the last ticket to a train that was

never coming.

It was a dead end.

But the worst, was correctly judging the book by its cover,

yet choosing to ignore it anyway.

I know it was love,

because it was what you never gave back to me.


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