Right From The Heart

Poetry about everything I feel strongly about. In simpler words, this collection of poems are about who I am, what i've been through and what I stand for. These are writings from my heart, and they ARE, right from the heart.


4. Safety Net

Honey, like two strangers in the books you read,

That's almost where we are now.

And the traffic lights in those,

signs you see, they're slowly turning red.

And if we keep walking across no-man's land,

We're both going to lose.

I can't help but rewind and soak,

in the bittersweet taste,

Of never knowing where I stood with you.

If you keep shredding the silk,

If you keep ripping the threads,

The delicate fabric will fall apart.

If you say your arms were open wide with welcome,

warmth and love, why

did I feel like you shut me out?

And keep repeating those three words that make men

weak at the knees,

But no matter how hard you scream, all I can hear is

White noise now.

I can take the silk and threads to make a new blanket,

For the warmth you lack during the nights,

you don't sleep.

But I can't be your safety net, forever.

I can't sit through any more hours with your emptiness, radiating

and not knowing where to place my gaze,

let alone my heart.

I can't keep coming back when you need me.

And honey, you can't expect me to.

For what you didn't find, and all that you need;

salvation, security, consolidation,

The search in me is a lost cause.

But I know there'll be a day,

And honey, i'm praying for that day for you.


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