Right From The Heart

Poetry about everything I feel strongly about. In simpler words, this collection of poems are about who I am, what i've been through and what I stand for. These are writings from my heart, and they ARE, right from the heart.


1. Power of Poetry

The words poetry produce,

are not obsessions.

I didn't write a poem about that guy who

hurt me because his memory still 

lingers, but because of his actions,

And his words,

that once were daggers; ones I recycled into something 


I didn't write a poem for that lost girl,

who was once my friend, and now

an acquaintance, because

she pushed me away, but

Because I couldn't be what she wanted me to be. 

That woman sitting over there with hands wrapped around,

A coffee cup, isn't writing because that man

touched her despite her pleas of those two letters.

But because she wants to stop another from suicide,

due to a dehumanising act.

And that guy with his brows furrowed,

isn't making art with words because his parents made scars,

from lack of understanding that two men can find love.

But because he promotes only accepting love that we deserve. 

Poetry is about hauntings; 

of the bad and the good,

of lessons learnt too late,

of words we were too full of pride to say,

and maybe of times people leave,

and stay. 

But poetry is about writing it down,

In hopes that maybe once it's set,

We don't have to remember what once pained us. 

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