For Your Eyes Only...

Meet Liv, she is just like any other girl just finished high school and off to Uni
her life is all planned out, she has new friends and is enjoying her new life at BlueStone University
But will her old life creep up on her? How will she cope? and Who will be the one to change her life forever?


4. Chapter 3

My heart races the second my lips meet his. I don’t know why I just did that, I just felt some sort of connection with him but I shouldn’t have kissed him but it felt so amazing. As I go in for a second kiss, he backs away. “Liv, I have a girlfriend” he says strongly, I blush in embarrassment “Oh gosh, Harry I’m so sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking”. Harry is in deep in thought, I go to speak again trying to fix what I just did, “It’s fine Liv just don’t do this again, I have a great girlfriend her name is Regan and.” I interrupt him “Is that the girl you were fighting with? She was really pushing you around” he is about to say something but stops himself.

 “That’s none of your business Liv” I stop, realising he is right it is none of my business I hardly know him. “You’re right I’m sorry Harry, I hope my mistake didn’t stuff up us potentially being friends” I say nervously. He looks really surprised, “Now I have to think about being friends” he laughs. The mood instantly lightens up, “So when can I get an answer Mr Styles?” I ask playfully. “Soon… if you’re lucky” he teases, “See you around, Harry” I laugh coping his words he says to me. I unlock my dorm room and wave goodbye, “See you around, Liv” he says sarcastically and I walk inside laughing.


I wake up to my alarm going off its 7:00am, I struggle to get out of bed and then it hit me a ton of bricks. Last night did happen I hope it’s not awkward if I see him today, but what are the odds there are over 1,000 students at this university. I don’t think I will run into him. I drag myself out of bed and get ready, Kaity still hasn’t returned but I figured as much since she would be severely hung over. I put on a black skirt with stockings underneath, a black and white striped long sleeve top and grab my knee high boots.

 I slightly curl my blonde hair which falls around my shoulders and put a slight amount of makeup on, and I make sure my black eye is completely hidden. I put sunglasses in my bag and put my books in for my classes for the day, psychology, photographic media and nursing. I look in the mirror one last time at my appearance, and walk out of my dorm. I exit the dorm building and started to walk to the classrooms, I decided to stop at the Uni café and get a hot chocolate. I need something hot and I don’t feel like a coffee, as I go to order I look up at the board and say my what I want and hand the girl the money. It’s Harry’s girlfriend, I look at her name tag, its Regan. She looked up at me to say something and stops oh boy, does she know me, she couldn’t though, did he tell her about our well…. me kissing him? Another girl called out my order and handed it to me.

I walk over to the empty chairs and start to drink my hot chocolate, I stare out the window thinking about last night, thinking about the party, thinking about those beautiful green eyes, Harry. For that spilt second when I kissed him he made me forget about my problems, my fights with my mother, my endless cold nights locked in my small room. I don’t know how; I’ve only just met him; I have to stop thinking about him. I have to, I can’t do this. I’m not good for him I would ruin him, I have a lot of problems that he shouldn’t be dragged into.

I’m damaged and he is perfection, he is the definition of beauty, an angel and lm a shattered mirror, broken in a million pieces. And I don’t want him to get hurt trying to glue them back together, it’s too painful. I know just how painful, as I leave to get up, I put the empty cup in the bin and start to walk, I feel a tap on my shoulder it’s Regan. “Liv is it?” she raises her eyebrow, gives me a smirk and has a worried expression on her face as she takes in my appearance.

“Yes, Its Liv” I mumble “You’re the girl that came on to Harry Styles, my boyfriend, aren’t you?” He told her…. Oh boy this is kind of awkward. “Look about that …. I’m really” she cuts me off “Stay away from my boyfriend and we might not have any troubles, not that he would be interested in you” she says in a threating tone. “If I hear you have been around him again, I won’t be as nice, okay blondie?” she winks and walks off mouthing the words “I mean it”. She is right though I have to stay away from him before I pull him under, not friends not anything we will be as close as strangers.

I walk into my classes and sit down, a girl with black hair, a university shirt and blue denim jeans starts to talk to me. “Hey, I’m Dani want to be my seating partner? Mr Rathbone likes to have us in a seating arrangement.” She seems really enthusiastic, “Sure, I’m…” she interrupts “Liv isn’t it? I saw your name scribbled on our class list, nice to meet you!” the teacher walks in and we start our work.

After my morning classes I say goodbye to Dani and go to the Uni lunch room. It’s pretty full, I get a chicken burger with fruit salad and an orange juice. I look around and there Is hardly any tables that are free, I finally see one and walk over to it, a guy is sitting there with a red hoodie on. I tap him on the shoulder and ask “Hey, can I sit here?” he looks up and gives me a beautiful smile “hey friend” oh my gosh its Harry.

I try not to look into his eyes, I pick up my food tray and mumble “Sorry, I’ll sit somewhere else” and I start to walk over to a smaller table. “hey, why did you move? I don’t bite Liv” he says. I continue to walk to the table and he keeps talking. “Hey if this is about last night, I thought we sorted it all out?” I sigh and I was about to tell him that I should go when I saw Regan sitting on the other side of the room intensely staring at me, He looks at her then back to me and somehow figures it out.

I walk outside and sit on one of the older tables and eat my lunch, I really hope that Regan doesn’t come after me, I mean I didn’t talk to him well sort of. After I finished a boring day of classes I walked to the administration to pick a sport for extra credit and I picked swimming and netball for my sports for each of the two timetabled weeks. I begin to walk out towards the dorm buildings I walk over to the Uni park and sit in the low tree away from people, all the noise, distractions and away from Harry and Regan.

It starts to get dark so I decided to walk back to my dorm room, I get off the tree and start walking, I am half way there when I see a man on the grass crouched over. I walk over to see if he is okay, I tap his shoulder “Hi sir, are you okay?” he looks up at me,I know him from anywhere, its Nathan. 

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