For Your Eyes Only...

Meet Liv, she is just like any other girl just finished high school and off to Uni
her life is all planned out, she has new friends and is enjoying her new life at BlueStone University
But will her old life creep up on her? How will she cope? and Who will be the one to change her life forever?


3. Chapter 2

The girl pushes him, calls him something under her breath and walks inside. Harry is standing there with his hands on his head, I debate whether or not to go see if he is okay for a couple of seconds. I don’t think I should it’s not my business and I don’t want to get involved, I sit back at the table and chairs and check my emails. I get a text of Kaity ** Hey you still here, haven’t seen you in a bit? **

Just as I’m about to text her back someone walks past me, its Harry but he must not notice I’m sitting there. His beautiful green eyes are all teared up and red, my heart instantly sunk, I really don’t know what I should do, my phone goes off again. Oh no not now, he looks around and sees me looking straight at him, he wipes his eyes and keeps walking. I feel like I should see if he is okay but I hardly know him he might not appreciate some random girl coming up to him.  So I walk back inside, As I walk in I see Kaity her hands wrapped around Logan’s neck, I smile at her they’re such a cute couple.

I walk up to her, my guilty conscious playing on my mind, maybe I could just ask her at least if she has seen him, maybe he has blown off steam. “Hey Kaity, have you seen Harry? Err Harry Styles?” I say cautiously. “What the heck is a Harry Styles?” she slurs; she is drunk great how will I get back I don’t know my way; I continue to walk around the party looking for him out the corner of my eye. But all I can see is people kissing, getting drunk, smoking and all that frat party stuff. I bump into a guy with curly brown hair he has tattoos and a lip piercing.

“Err sorry, I didn’t mean to make you spill your drink Mr” I say nervously “It’s cool hot stuff, the names Nathan” he says confidently, he is wearing loose jeans and a Nickelback t-shirt he doesn’t look more then 25 but he definitely is older than majority of people here tonight. “Sorry again” I smile awkwardly as I walk off. “I didn’t catch your name hot stuff” I look back and laugh “That’s because I didn’t give it to you” I say confidently and begin to walk away. He starts to follow me and grabs my arm to swing me around, “Hey that’s not fair, I told you my name now you tell me yours” He is very drunk, I can smell the alcohol on his breath and a strange substance he maybe on some drugs as well he sure looks like he has taken drugs tonight, “Why don’t we go somewhere quiet and you can tell me your name hot stuff” he pulls my arm and starts to drag me along.

I try to pull away as hard as I can but he is too strong for me “Please stop, please let me go now!” He drags me down the hallway faster into the rumpus room that I saw earlier, no one is around I’m starting to feel really terrified of the situation. I start to kick him but he pushes my legs down harshly. Nathan picks me up and flings me onto the couch “Let go of me now, help someone please help me” he muffles my screams with his hand, “Now why don’t you keep your voice down, were having fun and we don’t need anyone interrupting us okay hot stuff?” He tells me while nervously chuckling. As some college guys walk by laughing at us “Nathan please let me go now!” I plead with him and start crying. He moves his hand to the button on my denim shorts, “Stop get away from me now! Please stop it” I scream. He laughs angrily and hits me across the face to silence me. “ You’ll love it hot stuff ill make you feel so good, you’ll want more and more”

Suddenly I feel him being pulled off me and I crawl to the end of the couch and fall to the ground crouched over, I think I’m having a panic attack I can’t breathe it’s all too much I need to breathe, breathe Liv breathe. I feel like I’m going to pass out I feel a hand on my shoulder and look up but everything goes blurry, this man holds my head in his hands placing his hands on my cheeks and tilts my head to look at him. “Liv, it’s me, you’re okay, you’re safe just breathe” I lean into him and lay my head on his chest and instantly feel my lungs start to function again, my breathing is nearly back to normal within minutes as he strokes my hair.

I turn to look at him, as I go to speak he starts to “It’s okay Liv, you don’t have to say anything, let’s get you up okay? I nod still in a bit of shock. My eyes start to get clear again, I look up at the man who helped me ready to thank him and its Harry. His arm wraps around my waist and helps me to my feet, he moves us to some chairs in the next room. “Was it you that helped me? I feel stupid for asking the question but it all happened so fast., “I didn’t help you, I did what was the right thing the necessary thing to do

I could say anything I became speechless, did this really just happen to me? My phone vibrates again, “ you should check your phone , go on” I check my messages I have two messages from Kaity, ** Hey I have had a few drinks do you think you could drive me home later? **. This was obviously before I saw her inside, ** Hello Liv, this is Logan I tried to find you earlier but I couldn’t I have taken Kaity to my place so she can sober up she is staying at mine for the night I hope you can get a lift back if not text me I’ll try and think of something**

I really don’t want to bother Logan I hardly know him at all, I guess I could try and walk back somehow. I really don’t know the way back to our dorm rooms , its late at night and the party is still going, I really don’t feel comfortable or safe to but I guess it’s my only option right now, I slowly get up and walk over to Harry he is looking out the window near the pool table on the other side of the room my legs hurt  from when Nathan threw me down onto the real old couch I think I hit it on the exposed metal bar and springs.

“Harry” I say weakly he turns to look at me, “Thank you” I say looking into his beautiful green eyes. He looks down “Don’t thank me okay?” I look down and walk over to get my bag, as I walk out the door he stops me. “Where are you going?” I stop and look at him “I’m walking back to mine, my friend got drunk so I’m walking back to the...” he interrupts me. “I’ll drive you, I haven’t been drinking, you shouldn’t be walking alone at this time of night” he can’t drive me home, I’ll feel like a huge problem, a burden “Look Harry its fine, you stay and enjoy the party and I’ll walk or catch a cab or something, I can’t ask you to drive me back to my dorm room” he is silent for a moment “You’re not asking I’m offering” he is not giving in.

“Okay, thank you” I give him a small smile, as we walk over to his red Mercedes, I take him in, he really is breathtakingly beautiful and his eyes are so intensely green, I can’t stop looking into them. He opens the door for me and looks at my eye near my cheek and my bruised leg, where Nathan hit me to try to silence me earlier on and threw me on the couch. Harry shifts uncomfortably “Did he do that to you?” I could literally feel the sadness in his eyes. I’m almost afraid to tell him because I don’t want to make this any difficult than it already is “Yes, he did” I say gently and look down at the ground.

I sit in the passenger seat and keep my head down, he sits in the driver’s seat and turns to look at me, “Are you okay?” he asked me worryingly. I don’t know what to say I am definitely not okay but I can’t make this his problem its honestly not fair if I dump all my problems on him, it really isn’t. “I’m fine Harry, you don’t have to worry about me, I’m not your problem you don’t even know me” he debates to continue the conversation but starts the car instead. He knows that I wasn’t telling the truth, the ride felt slower than the ride to the party with Kaity, maybe because it was quieter almost silence, Harry pulled up close to the doors of my dorm building.

He got out and opened the door for me, I hoped out and turned to face him “Thank you Harry, I don’t know what would’ve happened if…” He started to look angry “Liv, stop thanking and praising me for that, that guy shouldn’t have been trying to do that to you, its disrespecting women and any person would’ve stopped him” I am surprised I thought he would just say its fine or something but he is different, different than all the other guys. I have never met or seen a guy with his kind of attitude personally.

If he didn’t get Nathan off me who knows what would’ve happened, “But anyone didn’t, you did Harry” he looks down, I start to walk into the building and I feel the door open for me, he must want to walk me up to make sure I get to my room alright after what happened. As I walk up to the elevator I am instantly reminded of the first time I saw him earlier today standing there in his white t-shirt, black skinny jeans and his black converse boots. The doors open “It’s okay you can ride with me” I say trying not to smile, he smirks and presses the button for floor 5. We walk down past 5b and finally make it to 5A room 7, “Well this is me” I say and he nods “See you around Liv” he starts to turn away. “Harry… wait” and I grab his arm to turn him back towards me, He looks at me confused I stare into his green eyes and I kiss him.

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