For Your Eyes Only...

Meet Liv, she is just like any other girl just finished high school and off to Uni
her life is all planned out, she has new friends and is enjoying her new life at BlueStone University
But will her old life creep up on her? How will she cope? and Who will be the one to change her life forever?


2. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I can’t believe I’m going to university today, years and years of waiting and longing to get here and I’m finally here, and on an academic scholarship it’s amazing, I can’t wait. I put my bags in my neighbour Phil’s car, “Thanks so much for giving me a lift it really means a lot, I don’t know how I would’ve gotten there otherwise” I smile at him, “No problem Oliv- Err I mean Liv” he awkwardly says. “It’s okay Phil” I laugh and walk back inside to my mother to say goodbye, she is sitting on the grey lounge with a tall  guy with blonde hair, she is wearing a red robe her legs sprawled all over him.

“Goodbye I’m off now” I say to her loudly to get her attention, it doesn’t really work as she looks up and waved goodbye, as I turn around I hear her mumble under her breath “Good riddance, you feel like a few drinks Matty?” she says to the random blonde guy on the couch, what do I care I’m leaving this terrible place and I will be free of her and all her terror and hell she has put me through. I sit in Phil’s silver land rover in the passenger seat. The drive over there is quiet, so I turn the radio on and I lean my head against the window and my eyes feel heavy I drift off to sleep.

“Liv, Liv wake up we’re here at Blue Stone, I have to get going will you be okay to get your things to your dorm room?” he asks, “Yeah I’ll be fine thanks heaps for the lift here” I grab my heavy suitcases and walk towards the dorm rooms, the building is huge but older style looking I already like it. It reminds me of an older style England, I loved seeing England in the older era. It was just so interesting to me. As I walk in the building there is a group of girls talking and laughing one of them has blonde hair the other brunette and the rest of the girls have black hair, they’re all wearing short denim skirts, pink shirts and leather jackets.  I look around to see where I should go but it’s a dead end so I decide to ask them for directions “Excuse me, would you happen to know where floor 5A is?” The one closest to me looks at my outfit, jeans and a white and blue  shirt and ankle boots and giggles. “The Elevator is over there button 5 and down the corridor, you should be able to find it” she giggles again, how immature. “Thanks… I guess” I say as they walk off.

I press the button on the elevator and walk in, I’m startled by a young man, with long brown hair down to his shoulders, beautiful green eyes and with several tattoos. He is wearing black skinny jeans, a white shirt and black boots. “Oh sorry I’ll wait for the next one” I blurt out, I can’t believe I just said that, he chuckles. “Its fine, you can ride with me” he laughs, his laugh is so nice and weirdly calming. He is looking at me weird as if he’d said something to me and I didn’t respond. “Sorry did you say something err Mr… um...?” I nervously ask, he chuckles “It’s Harry, my name is Harry Styles” He is so beautiful, there really is no other word that comes to mind “Cool name, my name is Liv. The elevator dings and I have reached my floor, I struggle to carry the suit cases in and as I’m dragging them along, I feel the weight lift and turn around “Look like you needed help with those” its Harry, “Thanks” I say still trying not to stare and be my awkward self.

 As we walk down the old brick corridor I see 5B on the wall in white, “It must be just down here, I’m looking for 5A, I point down the hall, as we walk towards my room I look up at Harry “Thanks so much for helping carry my suitcases” I say, He gives a small smile “It’s cool see you around Liv” he puts down the suitcases and walks back down to the elevator.  I look at my dorm room number on the door, its number 7, As I unlock my new dorm room, I think about how kind the gesture was and how breathtakingly beautiful he is.

My new room isn’t as small as I thought but it isn’t really that big either, I look to my obvious side of the room completely bare and with a double bed and two bed side drawers, my wardrobe is sufficient enough to fit all the stuff I need, my new roommate is sitting on her bed listening to music she has pretty ash brown hair that falls just past her elbows and it has slight curls to it she has beautiful brown eyes. She is wearing a nice floral dress that falls just on the mid of her thigh and lilac heels “Hi, I’m Kaitlyn but I prefer Kaity” she gives me a small smile I get the feeling she is shy. “Hey, I’m Liv nice to meet you” I smile, “Yeah you too” She goes back to listening to music on her bed and reading a veterinary science book. I unpack my things and organise my side of the room after a while I finally finish and turn around to see Kaity putting her makeup on.

 “Hey, so are you going anywhere? Is there anything on tonight that’s interesting?” I ask softly. “Err... yeah there’s a party at this guy called Zayn’s tonight for a start of the year type thing” she says enthusiastically as she moves a now long tight curl from her face. “Oh cool that sounds like fun I guess...” I turn to sit on my bed and check my phone, “Why don’t you come along?” I turn and look up at her I don’t really think a party will be the best idea my first night at university but I do want to get to know my new roommate, it would be awesome to get along with her.

“Yeah okay I guess... where is it at?” I say reluctantly, Kaity giggles “It’s at the frat house silly” she continues to giggle, “Oh right of course” I laugh with her. I walk over to my closet and pull out my leather jacket, white top and denim shorts I got off a friend for my birthday last year. I decide to do my blonde elbow length hair in slight loose curls and put a little bit of makeup on. I sit on the light purple bean bag on Kaity’s side of the room and wait for her to finish, she is wearing a red dress, her hair straightened wearing black heels. “I’m all done, you ready to go Lilly?” I laugh at her and keep laughing “What? What is it?” She gasps “Is there something in my teeth” I try to stop laughing “No, everything’s fine but my name is Liv not Lilly” she looks slightly embarrassed “Oh I’m sorry, I forgot your name I’m terrible with them, but it will get better as times goes on” she giggles.

“Now let’s go Liv” putting the emphasis on my name, “Okay so how do we get there?” I ask still not knowing where it is. “Well we can drive or we can walk it’s only a few blocks, but I’m not walking that far in heels tonight after dancing that hard yesterday. “You dance? That’s so cool what type?” I think it’s cool she dances I have always wanted to have a go but I’m not the most balanced or coordinated.

“Yeah I do a bit of everything it can vary, Zumba, Ballet, Pole dancing, Line dance, Ballroom style just kind of whatever I feel like really, It’s an extra credit subject here, you can pick a sport or activity for extracurricular”. Wow she must be so good at dancing, maybe I could join a sport, maybe not dancing but something else. “That’s really amazing! Maybe I could see you dance sometime?” I say shyly not wanting to make our new friendship weird.

 “Sure, sometime during the week maybe, now let’s head to the party Logan is waiting for me” I follow her out our dorm and watch her as she locks the room, “Who’s Logan?” I ask softly, “He is my boyfriend” she says proudly “oh cool” I say as we walk down to her blue Porsche, “Wow what an awesome car!” I say a little too loudly. “Thanks” she smiles and we hop in.

Kaity puts on some music and starts to sing she has a great voice she started dancing and we both laugh, we pulled up at a big two story frat house, with a big wrap around veranda on both levels and blue painted walls, I look on the front lawn there is lots of empty beer bottles, cups and cigarettes and even some passed out bodies. There is a lot of people here this Zayn guy must be really well known or something. As we walked up the stairs to the front door, Kaity gets a text on her phone and looks at me, “Hey after we get inside, I have to go talk to Logan for a bit but here’s my number and I’ll text you after okay?” She puts her number in my phone “That’s cool I’ll see you later have fun” She gives me a slightly worried smile and walks towards the back of the frat house. Great I’m left alone in a frat house and I don’t know anyone, maybe I should just go, no, I should stay for a little bit then I’ll find Kaity and head off back to our dorm room.

There’s a lot of alcohol around and the smell of smoke clogs the air, as I walk through the groups of drunk and high teens and young adults, it’s actually a really nice house, with a marble kitchen top and a rumpus room with a pool table and a nice spacious living room. I decide to go outside for a bit it’s way too stuffy in there. I walk over to the side of the house where there are table and chairs so I sit down and looked up at the stars, I checked my phone and as I was about to check my emails I heard a noise coming from down on the front lawn near where we walked in. I walk closer towards it thinking that it may be Kaity and her boyfriend but it’s a girl with Auburn hair it is straight and mid-way to her elbow in length, she is wearing a black dress with black high heels. She seems to be fighting with someone a guy, as I turn to walk away, He looks at me with his beautiful green eyes, It’s the guy from the elevator, its Harry Styles



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