Things Happen

Lena goes to the mall with her friend Diana who she knew since 3rd grade to hang out and when they arrive they see a mob to meet the boys from 5 Seconds of Summer.
After legitimately running into the boys, things happen.


14. 9. Exchanging Stories

Michael's POV

To be quite honest I was nervous to share my story with her. I know she's an understanding person for everything but I feel like she wouldn't understand my story judging by the fact she's so perfect and has a kind heart for everything. I don't think and don't hope she's been through something as equivalently terrifying as I.

I opened the passenger side door and saw Lena curled up in a ball with her hair on her face. My little angel. I carried her into my apartment bridal style trying my best not to trip on something that'll wake her up. I placed her onto the couch and turned on the fireplace, hoping the heat will wake Lena slowly without me having to bother her. I went to the kitchen to get a slice of pizza from last night and looked outside for the stars. I heard small footsteps and looked behind me. Lena woke up. She walked over to me and looked at the sky with me.

"That one's really bright and pretty." she said with a smile. She was obviously amazed by the stars telling from her stepping forward and looking everywhere in the sky. She was mesmerized.

"I like that one." I said and she immediately looked at me to see my pointing at her and blushed. "Your eyes and smile light up the night Lena. And don't you fucking tell me no. I don't even know you that well but just don't say no." I said sternly, shaking my finger at her.

"We came here to get to know each other better though, so lets talk." She said, walking to the couch. "You go first."

I made my way over to the couch and cleared my throat. I wasn't too sure about it. I hope I don't scare her.

"This is really personal so I don't want you sharing this with anyone." I said and she replied with a nod.


Lena's POV

He began his story and I was scared for him. If he didn't want me to be sharing it then it could be really bad.

"I found out I had social anxiety when I was nine and I had so many things in my way of focusing. I was a really bad student at school and no one liked me because I was distracted easily and would do certain things that were socially unacceptable such as being scared of the dark and being scared of parties. My parents hated me for not going to school because of how much hate I got wherever I went. I would always overthink the fact there are eight billion other people in the same world I was living in and always thought that's how many people hated me." I was so heartbroken at this point I held his hand tightly, leaned onto him and looked up into his eyes. " I would run away and try to escape the reality of life, listen to what people think is shitty music to escape. Few years later, I found two other weirdos just like me; Luke and Calum. They were basically my only friends. When I called up Ash to play drums for us, I was honestly quite scared. I've only met him once then. Our first concert at the bar I was so scared I almost cried. Even though it was only 12 people t the gig, my palms were sweating crazy. It was my first time being exposed to more than eight people in one room."

The room was silent. After a few minutes of taking in the story, I hugged him, pecked his lip, and buried my face in his neck.

"Michael," I whispered against his sweater. "I will never judge you like those 92 pounds of pale ass motherfucking Elmer's Glue blending in pieces of shits" I said. He smiled with the cutest smile and picked me up onto his lap and lied down on the couch to cuddle.

"Your turn." he breathed

Michael's POV

"Don't tell anyone." she said sternly.

If she has a story worse than mine, she needs someone. And I want to be that someone. Someone she can relate to and be with at night incase she has those bad days everyone has when you just overthink everything too much. Problems, situations, issues, disorders, family, and a lot more. A sweet girl like her should have no drama in life, but I was wrong.

"It starts when I was about seven and a half. My dad was and is a very narcissistic guy, caring for himself only. When he was told I could sing, he got the idea to put me into vocal training which didn't seem too bad, but he got me into classical training. I was always judged and made fun of for arriving school with my  dad blasting Pavarotti, Verdi, Puccini, and a lot more. It bothered me a lot because everyone thought I enjoyed it. I definitely did but him getting me into classical music will give me an image around school and everywhere; "The Girl Who Sings Opera". When he got me into training, I will admit it was pretty cool at first but after three other lessons, I was sick and tired of it. It was like he had a mold of what he wanted me to be and just kept on trying and trying to push me all the way just to change me."

Poor Lena. I can't believe this is what she's been through. This is already a lot and let's just focus on the fact she was only seven? And I can already tell, this chunk is only the beginning.

"I was forced into training and got booked into performances and gigs to sing opera but it was never my style. It just wasn't me. I started to stop practicing and my dad started to become more and more violent against me. Physically and mentally. I remember one time I accidentally spilled a bit of yellow paint and it was just a small spot of yellow on the carpet. I was skyping my friend Lucas and my dad came in my room to check up on me and saw the paint and immediately freaked out. I didn't get a chance to turn off my iPad or hang up while my dad was freaking out. Lucas just sat and watched me get physically abused. My dad held me upside down and slapped me everywhere. I was nine." I cringed at her words and held her close. "Another time, I confronted him about classical music and how he made it ruin my life and he ignored me 2 months and never talked to me.

She was on the edge of crying, I held her closer to my chest and whispered, "It'll be okay." I kissed her head and she slowly nodded. I turned her around and wiped her tears with my thumbs.

"It's okay."







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