Things Happen

Lena goes to the mall with her friend Diana who she knew since 3rd grade to hang out and when they arrive they see a mob to meet the boys from 5 Seconds of Summer.
After legitimately running into the boys, things happen.


12. 8. Starbucks

Lena's POV

Mickey Mouse >^-^<: can you meet me at starbucks at 6:30?

Me: sure thing. see you there!    

I turned off my phone and sighed. It's currently around 5:15. I look at Diana who looked desperate for her phone and gave it to her.

"Is there something wrong?" she asked. I shrugged it off and took a swig of the other beer, careful not to get reckless considering it was still new to me to have beer.

I'm really anxious to see Michael. I can't believe he likes me. Was he hacked or something? My head went to worst case scenario like always. Was he lying? Is this a dare? The thought of the single word "You." went on and on in my head, almost as if it were haunting me. It got to the point to where my head made an audio of Michael saying "You." on a loop, making my head dizzier and dizzier and making my eyelids heavier and heavier, dragging me into a small nap.

Michael's POV

​Me: You.

What am I? A hopeless romantic? I cannot believe I just said "You." to someone who probably doesn't even like me. Sure we like the same music and share the same interests but I can't just fucking say I love her in the middle of nowhere. That's like fucking someone whilst having a casual conversation with your mom. I can't do that.

I have about an hour until I leave to see Lena. I hope its not gonna be awkward. I put on a beanie so most people won't recognize me with my red hair and put on sunglasses too. I hope paparazzi won't show up and I hope she will understand what I have to say to her. I love her, but I'm unstable and have a background story that I don't want her to worry about.

*45 Minutes Later*

I pull up to Starbucks and see a sleeping beauty. How tired is she?

I open the door and order a Chai Latte for her because well, wild shot. And order one for me too because I've been here loads and love it. I sit down at the table she's at and play with her hair, trying not to wake her up too easily. Her head is rested peacefully in the palm of her hand and her hair covering half her face. I pick up the hair covering her face and rest it behind her ear and she wakes up looking me in the eyes with a smile forming on her face.

"Hi." she says leaning in to boop my nose

"Hey." I boop hers and make her smile even more

"I love you." she says and buries her face in her sweater paws

"I love you too." I confess, brushing her hair with my fingers

"Are you okay?" she asks, brushing my fringe to the side

"Better than ever."

"How so?"

"I see a pretty girl."

"Who?" and she looks around for her. Its adorable yet sad to see she doesn't know how pretty she is.

"She's wearing a grey sweater, black skinny ripped jeans, white converse, and has brown short hair." I replied, causing her to blush and peck me on the cheek.

"Oh." she laughs and just now noticed the two lattes. "Were those two there?"

"Yeah I got a Chai Latte for you even thought I don't know anything about you--"

"MichaEL I LOVE THESE SO MUCH!!" she squeals, coming around the table to give me a tight hug

"I took a wild guess" I smiled cheerfully and pick her up in the hug

She takes a sip of the latte and kisses me on the cheek.

"I love youu!!" she squeaks all jumpy and cute

I froze suddenly at the "L" word but shrugged it off. I love her too, and I hope she really means it.

"So, what'd you want to talk about?" she asked, leaning in

"I was actually hoping to pick you up here and bring you over to my place... It's some pretty personal stuff I want to talk to you about." I fluffed up my hair and looked away

"Yeah okay we can go right now if you want... unless you want to stay here a little longer" she trailed off

"Let's go to my place" I said with a grin. And we went to my black low rider to my apartment.

Our car ride consisted mainly of listening to our favorite bands such as Green Day and My Chemical Romance, and Lena screaming of excitement and rambling on about Guitar Center and guitars when we passed by. She soon fell asleep and looked like a little angel had fallen from the sky. How did I get so lucky to be having such a beauty in my car right now with no effort of kidnapping her? I should get an award for that to be honest.



​A/N: Hi lovelies! How are you? I hope you liked this chapter I tried so hard on it and it was really difficult because I didn't have anything planned out for it beforehand. PLEASE like and favourite this book and I will try to update more often. Love you!


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