Things Happen

Lena goes to the mall with her friend Diana who she knew since 3rd grade to hang out and when they arrive they see a mob to meet the boys from 5 Seconds of Summer.
After legitimately running into the boys, things happen.


11. 7. I Gotta Go

Michael's POV

I immediately snap out of my thoughts.

"I gotta go." I say. I pretended to dust of something from my shirt and left.

I can't believe I did that. Leave Lena and Diana like that? That was such a dick move. At a time like this she shouldn't be left like that. I need to apologize.

I pull out my phone to see a single text message.

Lena :-): are you okay? you don't have to tell me if you don't want to.

She's so adorable. I don't even deserve to even meet a girl like her. Inside and out she's the girl of my dreams. Caring, beautiful eyes and smile, understanding, cuddly, warm, and selfless.

Me: I'm fine I guess... just questioning life

Who lies like that? I hope she understands and doesn't question it.

Lena :-): tell me if youre ready. I know youre hiding something from me. I wont force it out of you <3

How can someone be so sympathetic? But the thing I'm worried about is the fact that she understands I'm hiding something then she's probably experienced it herself. I really hope she doesn't have my problems. It can't happen like that. I like her a lot and I don't want to know that she's had my troubles in the past.

Me: can you meet me at starbucks at 6:30?

It was currently 5:13 in the afternoon and she was still at the bar.

I'm planning on apologizing to her at Starbucks and asking her about her past life. I hope she doesn't hate me for it but I want- no I need to know. I can't just be someone who likes her a lot and not know about her past. She means a lot to me.

Lena's POV

He just left me here.

Is he okay?

I text him to ask if he's okay and he replied soon after.

Mickey Mouse >^-^<: I'm fine I guess... just questioning life

I know he's not okay. From experience, that's not a good cover-up and something is going on.

Diana comes back to the booth with the other beer looking around for Michael.

"Where did Michael go? I have the beer with me." she asked looking very puzzled

"He left and said he had to go... No explanation." I replied "I'm texting him right now he said he started questioning life and ish."

"Oh. Is he coming back?"

"Most likely not... I'm not sure how I'd know so don't ask me anymore please."

To be quite honest I was a little sick and tired of talking so much. The hate was really getting to me and I decided I wanted to drown it in beer.

"Can you hand me his beer?" I asked and she passed the beer.

I drank the cold liquid feeling a bit better. I have never gotten so much hate. My life has always been hate and now there's even more hate? I fucking hate life right now.

My phone buzzed.

Mickey Mouse >^-^<: I'm fine I guess... just questioning life

Me: tell me if youre ready. I know youre hiding something from me. I wont force it out of you <3

I turn off my phone to see Diana with her nose scrunched up looking at her screen. I take her phone and put it in my pocket.

"HEY!" she screamed and attempted to grab her phone from me

"What are you doing on your phone?"

I turn on her phone to see a recent tweet from Michael

@Michael5SOS: I don't know if she knows... But I love her.

I stared at the tweet wide eyed, blinking many times asking myself "Is this real?" I get a twitter notification saying Michael tweeted something else.

@Michael5SOS: its only a lyric guys lolol calm down

I text Michael again, asking him about the tweets.

Me: I saw your recent tweet... Is there something you wanna talk about?

Mickey Mouse >^-^<: yeah there is... I know this girl I really like. She's beautiful, smart, understanding, sympathetic, adorable, and just everything I want.

Me: She sounds pretty cool. Is that bad you like her or...

Mickey Mouse >^-^<: I honestly don't know anymore. I feel like everyone would want her and I'm just a 4 to her. She's just so perfect. 

Me: Michael, everyone loves you. I love you. If she doesn't love you then I don't thinks she's right for you. Stop dragging on about her and tell her what you think. Drowning those feelings through a tweet isn't gonna do anything. Talk to her.

Mickey Mouse >^-^<: I think she's right for me. After all, she just helped me through a difficult time.

Me: Oh cool who is she?

Mickey Mouse >^-^<: You.



A/N: Hey guys! I'm sorry this is such a short and sucky chapter but oh well I'll do better next time. I love all you! Bye!!


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