Things Happen

Lena goes to the mall with her friend Diana who she knew since 3rd grade to hang out and when they arrive they see a mob to meet the boys from 5 Seconds of Summer.
After legitimately running into the boys, things happen.


8. 5. Drama

Michael's POV

I felt sad to just leave Lena like that, but the way paps act is crazy. You start off with one, then a few more come, then you have rumours about relationships and dissing flying everywhere. And I really don't want to have rumours about me dating Lena or me physically attacking Lena. It can go either way. "Michael is dating a mysterious girl?" "Michael pushes over young innocent girl!" I fucking hate rumours.

I grab my phone to check twitter. And I saw what I just feared.

@xx5SOSFangirlRulzxx: I cannot believe Michael is dating @LxnaYHou. shes probably a fake and just wants attention. How does he even fancy a girl like her? She looks ugly.

@Iluv5SOSbutts098: she is so ugly and whos last name is HOU. I was looking through he videos and found one where shes saying her last name is pronounced HO. she was probably born a hoe.

I'm devastated by what people are saying about her. She is such a nice person and I really like her. But the our fans an the media have it all wrong. I am not dating Lena and she's not ugly.

I remember I have her number and decide to text her.

Me: Hey I hope you haven't checked twitter... I'm really sorry in advance. The drama is really bad. I hope you can forgive me?

She replied almost immediately.

Lena :-): Yeah I saw. It's okay. I'm used to being in deep shit like this. It really sucks balls though. But the real thing I'm wanting to know the answer to is how they found me so quickly- do they have the police with them or something? Do police even search up people? 

Lena :-): Sorry for questioning the air lololol

I'm surprised she took the drama so lightly- and she's right, she's in real deep shit.

Me: It's all good then?

Lena :-): Yup :-)   

I love how she does the smiley with the nose. It show to me she has a fluffy and warm personality under all her dark "emo clothing" (assuming there are some people out there who think black is emo). I really want to get to know her... she seems different. I like how her brown hair is long enough to just sweep her shoulders and how her eyes and her smile can light up the darkest night. She's almost like a dream.

I feel like going to the bar to get a drink. I really don't like seeing fans hating on someone I really like. They don't even know her.

Lena's POV

We entered the bar to celebrate the fact we met and gave our numbers to 50% of 5SOS. I was a bit disturbed by the mean comments by the other fans. I lied to Michael on our first conversation. I was 100% vulnerable to mean comments like the ones on twitter and well, basically everywhere. I didn't tell Diana though. She would've gone all bestfriend mode on everyone which can be a good thing... sometimes.

We got ourselves situated in a booth in the corner of the bar and I went over to the bartender to order two beers.

"Can I get two beers please?" I asked leaning on the counter.

"Sure, this ones on the house. You two are pretty." he said with a smirk

"If you say so..." I replied turning on my heel with the two beers

I stop in my tracks when I see the familiar head of red hair heading to a bar stool. Michael had his head slightly down and didn't seem to notice anything but the floor.

I walk over to him with a confused look and tug on his sleeve.

"Are you okay?" I asked

He turned around with a small surprised look

"Yeah I'm good. I just needed a drink to clear my mind." he stated "The drama in the fandom is annoying me and I don't like seeing them hate on you like that. It's not okay."

"Like I said earlier, It is okay. I promise."

"Okay then."

We hugged tightly and he twitched at the touch of the cold beer (its bottled).

"Hey why do you have a beer with you?" he asked "Wait why do you have two?"

"Oh, my friend wanted to celebrate something... nothing big."

"Can I join?" he asked like a child

"Sure why not!" I replied and we walked to the booth.

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